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  • Essay On Photoshopping

    comparing themselves to these images (Brown 2015, p, 89). This is most apparent as a result of the adult industry saturating society with the influx of readily available pornographic material made extremely convenient because of the internet. Nevertheless, the question remains as to whether people prefer the pleasantness of doctored images or would rather revert to the antiquated concept of beauty. Further, it is important to address any gender differences in this opinion of ideal beauty, as well as, if there are any contrast effects associated with being exposed to enhanced images. There has been several studies done on the effects of exposure to erotic material, and whether there are gender differences in the resulting effects. Erotica is an appropriate model to use when exploring the effects of photo enhancement because erotic material is highly subjected to a multitude of aesthetic augmentations including the use of Photoshop, cosmetics, surgically altered subjects, lighting, and photographic tactics. Kenrick, Stringfield, Wagenhals, Dahl, and Ransdell conducted a study to investigate whether gender differences exist when it comes to selecting, viewing, and responding to different kinds of erotic material (1980, p 517). They discovered that women were more apt to reject pornographic material in comparison to men; nevertheless, there was a commonality among the genders in that all participants preferred soft core pornography to hard core pornography (Kenrick et al…

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  • Dress Codes In The 80's

    One in five women will be raped in their lifetime. This statistic can be unnerving to some, but to others it is just a number. Although rape is such a large problem in our society, it seems to have become a normality and consequence of life. Girls are being taught to cover up their bodies to protect themselves, while boys are being taught that sexual violence is a byproduct of natural instincts. The use of terms like “boys will be boys” shows that there is a lack of discipline for boys’…

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  • Sigmund Freud's First Critical Period Of Plasticity

    Chapter 4 begins with the story of a young man named A, who had history of getting in relationship with woman who already have boy friend and there was act of sexual fantasies with violence in it. His childhood was not a normal since his mom was alcoholic, his siblings were seems to be mentally incapable of taking care of themselves and constant domestic violence. Later his intimate relationship seems to be erotic as well as constantly threating and violence. Humans have different degree of…

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  • Pornography To Women: An Argumentative Analysis

    Pornography has long been regarded as a taboo within society. As a result, there are various perspectives on whether pornography is harmful, particularly to women. This essay will assess the argument of Cooke, who states pornography is not harmful as it is simply a work of fiction (2013). By redefining fiction, as well as utilizing ideas from Liao and Protassi about response and non-response realistic fiction, this argument will be criticized. This essay will conclusively argue that the…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Pornography

    Pornography is yet another one of the controversial issues we face in the modern society. It is a well-known fact that the “sexual revolution”, which started in the 60s and 70s with magazines and videos, portrayed nudity and sexuality like never before. Pornography is any image or text designed to sexually excite or arouse. It can be conveyed through a variety of media including photographs, movies, paintings, books, live performances and the internet. It also can cover a range of subject…

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  • Erotica Romana Analysis

    Title: GOETHE IN ITALY – “Erotica Romana” Date (1790) KINDLE Loc 10396 Precis- This poem is rich in the erotic lore of Greek mythology as background for telling the story of a love affair that Goethe shared with a young woman of Rome. Life events- In 1786 Goethe, aged 38, left Weimar for a two years (1786-1788) sojourn in Italy. He had had an ongoing relationship with Charlotte, the lady in waiting for Barones von Stein, who did not accompany him in Italy. They had met in 1776. The…

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  • A Rhetorical Analysis Of Erotica And Pornography By Gloria Steinem

    In the essay titled “Erotica and Pornography” by Gloria Steinem, the author starts out by pointing out that humans, selfly proclaimed lords over the animal kingdom, are the only animals that have the mental capacity to separate ideas. Steinem says “ for human alone, sexuality can be and often is primarily way of bonding, of giving and receiving pleasure, bridging differentness, discovering sameness, and communicating emotion” (p.1). The author explains at the beginning of her essay how sex…

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  • Foucault's Discourse On Sex

    similarities and discrepancies between the approaches of these societies, and outlines the way that the supposed truth of sex is produced: through ars erotica and scientia…

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  • Erotic Vs Pornography Essay

    their consumer attention they used different type of advertisement appeals. It’s clear that advertiser uses sex to sell their products. This marketing strategy has been used for centuries and doesn’t plan on slowing down any time soon. These bring us to a topic on erotic and pornography. Advertisement companies will use erotic images or pornography images to sell their products. Both erotic and pornography is about sex but there is a difference between the two themes. Erotic is defined…

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  • Analysis Of Gerard Van Der Leun's Article 'This Is A Naked Lady'

    For example he says, “... dialing 1­900 and seven other digits can put you in intimate contact with pre­ op transsexuals in wet suits who will talk to you as long as the credit limit on your MasterCard stays in the black” (Van Der Leun 477). Humor is used here by saying all these “men” call expecting to talk to some young, hot girl, but in reality, they could be speaking to another guy. It is showing how people’s fantasies are not always what they seem and how erotica has gotten so out of…

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