Sigmund Freud's First Critical Period Of Plasticity

Chapter 4 begins with the story of a young man named A, who had history of getting in relationship with woman who already have boy friend and there was act of sexual fantasies with violence in it. His childhood was not a normal since his mom was alcoholic, his siblings were seems to be mentally incapable of taking care of themselves and constant domestic violence. Later his intimate relationship seems to be erotic as well as constantly threating and violence.
Humans have different degree of sexuality. They seem to react and aroused by certain kind of act in their bodies. Even though sexual preference can change occasionally, but sexual plasticity increase due to different sexual partners and getting to adapt to new partners. Sexual plasticity
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Early childhood is the critical period for sexuality and intimacy that teach children to be passionate, loving and caring. If the children are sexually abused in the critical period then children get confused and affects in their future relationship. If the parents were disengaged, angry, and distant during the critical period for sexuality then probably in future the children most likely to look for same characteristic in the partners. Freud called the oral phase is the first critical period of sexuality where there form special bond between mother and child. Further Freud talks about how regression in plasticity associates with earlier phase. Regression can be pleasant in adult foreplay but at the same time it can be susceptible. As we know critical period helps shape sexual desire as an adult, but it doesn’t have to agree with what our biology wants. Not everyone gets attracted to the body, it can be anything like listening to the voice and falling in love with that person or get attracted with their …show more content…
Sensitization mean wanting, but doesn’t refer to liking, where as tolerance means addictive person more and more drugs to get that satisfaction before causing them to withdraw. Same like pornography is about excitement rather than satisfaction. Pornography cause brain to rewire differently that leads to brain to unlearn.
In 1950’s, it was found that in limbic system brain process emotions. When Dr. Robert experiment on human where electrode where placed into the septal region of the limbic system and as soon as patience gets turn on the patience due to experience of euphoria causing septal region to fired. That mean, whenever our pleasure centers are turned on, everything we experience give us pleasure and we feel great. Due to globalization, plastic change occurs due to storage of dopamine. Dopamine gives us a pleasure but at the mean time it suppress the

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