Plasticism Chapter 4

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Chapter 4 begins with the story of a young man named A, who had history of getting in relationship with woman who already have boy friend and there was act of sexual fantasies with violence in it. His childhood was not a normal since his mom was alcoholic, his siblings were seems to be mentally incapable of taking care of themselves and constant domestic violence. Later his intimate relationship seems to be erotic as well as constantly threating and violence.
Humans have different degree of sexuality. They seem to react and aroused by certain kind of act in their bodies. Even though sexual preference can change occasionally, but sexual plasticity increase due to different sexual partners and getting to adapt to new partners. Sexual plasticity
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They always need higher and higher stimulation to the level of satisfaction. Due to addictiveness, there’s life long change in neuroplasticity in the brain. National Institute of Health (NIH) did their experiment with rats to find out how addictive is the street drugs were and They gave rats high doses of addictive drugs like Cocaine and nondrug addictive so brain start producing dopamine that cause body to be more relaxed and excited. As we know, dopamine also works as reward system that release stimulus and cause plastic change in the brain. While watching porn, our brain release dopamine making us sexually excited. Due to presence of protein called ΔFosB in addictive drugs that cause changes in genes so that people become more prone to addiction such as drugs and pornography. Even though Pornography give us pleasure at first but eventually it often cause an addiction, tolerance, and …show more content…
had a problem with his past relationship. During his critical period he gravitate toward the woman who are emotionally disturbed like his step sister and mother that made him release that he suppose to take care of them. He caught between two plastic traps. First was woman who would caring and loving didn’t turn him on and he never unlearn his love for trouble woman. Second, he merged the meaning of sex with aggression. When two brain maps suppose to be separated but if it gets merged then every time he thought of sex, he thought of violence or vice verse. Due to fusion of aggression and love his brain was trap in his critical period, he can’t summon the physical tenderness. After several months of psychoanalysis, A. was able to form brain map that doesn’t cross sex and

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