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  • Curtis Sittenfeld's Life During The Holocaust

    population. This came after Herschel Grynszpan, a Jewish student studying in France, was informed his parents were detained and tortured by German officials. Seething with venom and anger, Grynszpan marched up to the German embassy in France, where he shot Ernst vom Rath, a German official. Vom Rath succumbed to his injuries on November 9th, 1938, which prompted Hitler to call for “counter measures against the Jews, [to] specifically burn down as many homes as possible, burn down as many…

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  • Causes Of The Holocaust

    Fortunately because of history people are aware that this could cause the next major discrimination. Many people are ready to fight the government by registering even if they are not muslim, but register just to mess up the system. General Otto Ernst Remer “He was one of the co-founders of…

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  • How Does War Affect Art

    War has always effected artists and therefore art. Artists are influenced by everything around them, many artists paint what they see be it realistically or in a more abstract way. When there is a war and an artist is near it and suffers from it or see it a world away and is moved by it then it only make sense that these ideas will come out in their art. Unless the artist is a cruel and slightly heart-less person as Picasso was for quite a bit of his life, then the artist will what to speak out.…

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  • Disadvantages Of Self-Driving Cars

    Until recently, automated driving technology had not been considered as a suitable replacement for humans; the idea of cars being given a destination and taking its passengers without human intervention, at best, would have belonged in a sci-fi novel just a decade ago. But will this still be case in the near future? Despite the rapid evolution in the automotive industry, it may take several decades before autonomous vehicles can fully replace human drivers in all situations. There are simply too…

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  • Driverless Cars

    the roads that the car must detect, making it useful only in specific highway systems that would implement it [6,7]. One of the earliest example of a self-sufficient, fully autonomous car is from the Eureka PROMETHEUS Project in 1987, led by Ernst Dickmanns and several automobile manufacturers [6,7]. Their first successful prototype, VaMoRs, successfully drove for twenty kilometers in speeds exceeding 90km/h, using two cameras and several sensors and microprocessors. Less than a decade later,…

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  • Innovation Case Study: The Innovation Process Of Google Driverless Cars

    HOCHSCHULE RHEIN-WAAL RHINE-WAAL UNIVERSITY OF APPLIED SCIENCES FACULTY OF SOCIETY AND ECONOMICS Innovation Case Study WS 2015/2016 Module “Elective Subjects” Course “Innovation Management” Dr Oliver Serfling SEL 1. INTRODUCTION: ORIGINS AND RATIONALE If you ask someone about inventions in the automobile sector or simply about the future of cars, probably you will hear a story about electric and hybrid cars. Nevertheless, there is one another branch the attention should be drawn to.…

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