A Case Study Of Ernst And Young

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The industries are facing constantly changing and increasingly complex environment due in today’s society. Therefore, this needs to be timely and effective future strategy to help the industries to respond to these changes to take practical measures. At the same time, this also builds internal ability in the uncertain world to achieve sustainable business results. Ernst and young is one of the successful global firms and has the unique strategy that enhances the firm in the Global Market. This industry focus on the three pillars of strategy as following:
1. Focus on winning the market by providing superior customer service, maximizing market and service opportunities
2. Create the highest performing team by attracting, developing and motivating
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This strategy is including in the marketing strategies that to build up the best relationship with a business and customers through this service thereby to maximizing the market in the global market. The follows case study is to provide Ernst and Yong has the superior services to solve the problem with Alberta Energy Regulator: Merger Integration and Business Transformation. The business situation of this service is the Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) needed to comply with the Alberta government’s new authorization that grouped under Regulatory Enhancement Projects (REP). REP is a collection of programs related to the entire energy management transition to a single "one-window" organization in Alberta. Which simply means Combining and transforming the regulatory functions of the Energy Resource Conservation Board (ERCB) and the energy specific regulatory functions of Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development (ESRD). This is lead to the business issue is REP already set up in 2010, however, the new Government of Alberta knows the Responsible Energy Development Act (REDA) in December 2012 and Has catalyzed the need for a combination of policymaking and oversight in a single regulatory agency that will be linked to Alberta 's upstream oil, gas, oil sands and coal projects, known as AER. In order to implement this …show more content…
• Performed an external customer and stakeholder survey both before and after the transition to gather input on performance of the AER against different dimensions. This survey served as a critical input into the strategic planning and transformation management activities.
• EY supported REP through transitioning of the regulatory components of ESRD to the AER according to a government‐set timeline, using a three‐phased approach. EY’s role was leading the Integration Management Office (IMO), which served to coordinate the REP transition by leading and holding accountable the leaders of several work streams.
And business transformations are
• Following a disciplined process, EY’s support enabled the transformation team to develop a charter and plan for the transformation program through extensive engagement efforts with senior leadership of the

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