Persuasive Essay On Self Driving Cars

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30,000 Americans are killed on the road every year due to texting while driving and other distractions. Some deaths are pedestrians and most are drivers. Due to this problem, engineers and scientists have been trying to find a way to prevent these accidents, therefore they came up with an idea of a self-driving car. Engineers are building the car so that you don't need to drive the car at all. Since that is happening people are expecting some entertainment so the car will have tv, video games,wi-fi, etc.
There are sides to this situation on whether people should have self-driving cars. On one side, people are against the fact that self-driving cars are being made. Since the car is auto-driven then they don't have any control is something bad happens while in the car. I believe that could be a problem, if the car is auto-driven then that gives anyone the a way to hack the car, If the car was hacked then I believe that it should have a manual drive mode so if something goes wrong, then it can be fixed by the driver. Then there's the cost of all this work, the cost of implementing the new technology could be way out of reach for most Americans.Currently, the engineering, power and computer requirements,
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I feel safer to drive the car for myself than anyone else.Throughout the years of driving people had to have a driving test to prove that they can drive on the road without having any bad problems,but if self-driving cars are being created then all the hard work will be thrown away because the car is doing all the work.Due to all this that might be happening this could be a great thing to do.Alot of accidents can be prevented and people wouldn't have to worry who's driving on the road.Therefore I believe that self-driving cars should not be

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