Write An Essay Of A Short Story

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If I would of known this was my last time seeing the sun rise I would have thought better then to spend it laying in my bed. I would have done anything else if I knew this would be the end for me: Perhaps I would of told my family and friends that I would miss them, or maybe I would of gotten up earlier than usual to make myself a cup of coffee, or possibly boarded up the house from any random strangers that would of wanted to kill me. But no, instead I preformed my normal summer ritual that I did every morning. The one where I would first wake up late in the morning with my eyes sealed from the sand man. Then, after making an attempt to rub away his magic, I would turn myself over to face away from the flush of the morning. Each time I did this though my curiosity would eventually consume me and make me turn myself back to the morning sun as if I was missing out on seeing a spectacle. You would think that I would know better I would think to myself as I repeated this insanity during my summer break. Yet every time I would fall for my mind games as each summer morning presented itself the same as before: The sky would be bright …show more content…
My hand had begun to reach for the brass knob before I stopped myself. Something didn’t feel right in that moment. My mind didn’t feel at ease. I knew what was going to happen next. It’s always the worst case scenario, isn’t it? Whoever was out there would probably kidnap me, toucher me, then leave my body out in a ditch a couple miles away from here. I felt it then and there. But then why did I still open that door? Was it because I always thought that? And every time before this time I was wrong? It would always be someone trying to sell me something or someone looking for something. Then being the socially awkward person I was I would more than likely slam the door on them. But I instead, with a firm grasp and a tiresome yawn, turned the knob and pulled the door towards

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