Essay On Bad Decisions Makes The Best Story

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Bad decisions, makes the best stories. Truitt Odom

One way to get the most out of life is to look upon it as a adventure. ~ William Feather.

It was summer, one month after my 17th birthday, and, even though I had a lot of great adventures with

the people I loved, I still wasn 't satisfied. So I took of work, grabbed my two best friends, Trey and

Parker, and we set out on nonstop adventure for 3 days, which led to a Whataburger bill of over $100,

running from security, meeting and talking to complete strangers, 4 hours of sleep, killer stories, a run in

with the cops, a few tanks of gas, and what would this story be with coming close dying once or twice, I

mean its only in my nature.

The first
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I opened a door that said “DO NOT ENTER”, so i went in. I quickly realized it brought

you to the prestigious top floor, where the judges or referees would watch the race. As we marched up

these stairs, we noticed they were no where near as strong as the previous stairs.

Once at the top of the

stairs, we noticed to get up there you had to walk across the catwalk that looked worse than the stairs. with the three of us all walking on a poorly designed catwalk from the early 80s, we felt like it was okay,

we kept walking even though there were screachs every step we took. We were wrong, it fell. But

thankfully not 3 stories, only about a foot and caught on a beam below it. But our hearts fell about three


The near death experience was worth it, we found old film cans and a entire reviewing room that

had a wall of TV’s. After we explored enough we decided to leave, Thats when we found out we werent

alone. The place went bankrupt back in the late 80s, so the bank owned still and had hired security to keep

kids like us out. Not wanting to be caught or have charges we started to run and so did they. I knew
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And as night came they park shut down and I think so did we. We

went to Trey 's house and slept for 10 hours and went to church in the morning and bragged about all of

our adventures or at least the ones we remembered. From then on out I knew Parker and Trey were

brothers. I mean we already called each others mom our moms, and their dads our dads. After that great

few days I never wanted to stop and I wont stop till I physically cannot. I also learned a lot, in those few

days, the moments we have are short on this earth and I can promise when you look back on you life you

wont remember all the days you did the safe and easy thing, you will always remember the times you

pushed it, and you did something different. I also had many mistakes in those 3 day that I also have

learned from, I spent too much money , I let things get out of hand, and let myself get mad over small

things. You learn better by making mistakes and seeing the outcome. Sometimes bad decisions aren 't all bad, and that they makes the best memorable moments. Let go, do something that scares you, push the

limits of what is socially acceptable, take a risk and be yourself. People respect effort, but don 't strive

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