Importance Of Technology In The Automobile

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Innovation in Engineering – Coursework 2
The Automobile

The automobile is considered to be one of the greatest innovations in engineering to date which has changed the lives of people forever. It has made travelling a long distance much faster and as a result the automobile has given people the ability to commute a longer distance for work. The automobile is an innovation which people in the twenty-first century take for granted but this was not the case only a mere one hundred years ago.
This purpose of this report is to examine the way in which the automobile has changed the lives of people and also how technology, performance and safety has increased significantly in the automobile.
The four parts of this report which will
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All modern cars are fitted with an on board-computer know as an ECU. This unit monitors everything the car does from the velocity the wheels are turning to how hard one presses the accelerator and how much oxygen is leaving the exhaust. All on this results in the car running smoothly and more importantly fuel efficiency is increased drastically.
The advancements in technology in cars is remarkable. Only twenty or thirty years ago there was very little offered as standard except things like a radio and windscreen wipers. However, this not the case anymore, cars have things like electric powered windows and mirrors, Bluetooth connectivity and remote locking systems as standard. The technologies mentioned would barely even be regarded as advancements in the technology in modern automobiles. There are endless lists of extras available to one when buying a car. Things like GPS navigation, cruise control, heated seats and built in DVD
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These advancements have not only made cars faster, more reliable and a lot safer but they have also improved people’s standard of living. Cars are available at a price which if affordable to almost everybody and they are a lot greener too which is not only good for people’s general heath but its only important for the earth’s atmosphere. It’s also clear that innovations in areas like car performance and technology have shown the world that there are no limitations associated with what engineers can do with cars and this has opened people’s minds to the idea of self-driving

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