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  • The Divine Mother: Kali's Struggle In Power

    On the surface Kali appears to be a goddess of many contradictions. She is both loving and terrifying; a creator and a destroyer; a mother and a warrior (Cadwell 1998, p. 196). It is only upon further inspection does one realise that Kali’s power is in fact drawn from the union of these opposites. A singular portrayal of the goddess will in no way representative of who Kali truly is. She must always be properly contextualised to truly understand her power and functionality as a goddess (McDermott 1998, p. 301). So while these traits may at first appear to be different pieces of art in the same Kali themed gallery exhibition, they are in fact just different sections of the same painting. The two sections can be viewed separately; however, it…

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  • Comparison Of Greek Gods And Goddesses

    “A goddess is a woman who breaks the mold, she’s who she wants to be… And she offers no apologies.” In greek mythology, there appear to be several different gods and goddesses each owning their own unique statistic(s). Gods and goddesses were immortals looked up to by mortals; mortals praised and worshipped them. Goddesses were powerful woman who were flawless and thought the world of themselves; this was normal. The authoritative voice these figures had on mortals was mind blowing. Athena,…

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  • Women In Mejica Culture

    Women are the centerpiece of Mejica culture as evidenced by the temezcal, the women’s holy place at Tepeyac, Cosmic Mother religion, Coatlicue, and Tonantzin Guadalupe. All of the aforementioned topics revolve around women in that they either are women, resemble their anatomy, or are meant for women. A temezcal is a Nahuat word that translates to bath house. They were very prominent throughout southern and central Mexico in many towns, no matter the size of the town. For the Mejica, cleanliness…

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  • The Goddess Of Beauty, And The Story Of Aphrodite

    Aphrodite was the goddess of fertility, love, and beauty. Unlike other gods and goddesses; Aphrodite has two completely different stories of origin that end with her in the same place, Mount Olympus. The first is that she was the daughter of one of Zeus's many affairs with women, but in this case it was with Dione who was the goddess of the oak tree. The second and most famous story is that when Cronus had slain his father Uranus and threw his male genitalia into the sea, it dissolved into…

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  • Archetypes In The Story Of An Hour By Kate Chopin

    In “The Story of An Hour” by Kate Chopin, the main character and protagonist Mrs. Mallard experiences a spiral of emotions, from shock to freedom from her role as a wife; after learning of her husband’s sudden death. This story takes place in the era when women were known as just a wife and mother. In addition, the narrator starts with assuring the reader of Mrs. Mallard’s heart condition; which makes her appear weak from the start. This story expresses on what people know about freedom and…

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  • Theme Of Women In The Epic Of Gilgamesh And Persepolis

    and make rules. They see women as marriage material and mothers. In The Epic of Gilgamesh and in Persepolis women status are clear. They are considered less important and powerful compared to men. However, in both stories women are a great value in the world. They are powerful, nurturing, and temptation. In the stories these feminine qualities are displayed and the overall strength women possess. Women are nurturing and caring. In The Epic of Gilgamesh and Persepolis, they show the nurturing…

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  • Patriarchy In Matrilinear Times

    During the time of martilinear the bloodline and the religion were traced through the mother because it was always known who the mother was because she had the baby. The trust of the mother’s word was the only thing that they had to ensure that the father was actually the father. So, during the time of patriarchy they looked at women as private property as well as their children. The values of individuals were defined by the property they own and pass on to their heirs which were usually their…

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  • Maca Goddess

    Transformations of the Morrigan: Dark Goddess to Great Queen Any precursory search will reveal that The Morrigan can be a paradoxical figure and the truth about her may not be easily uncovered. She is a goddess steeped in myth, history, and contradictions and one must unravel these questions and fit the remaining pieces together in a cultural context to gain a true understanding of her nature and position. At various times she has been seen as a beautiful maiden, a faery queen, a…

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  • Hinduism: A Brief Summary And Analysis

    It is the festival of lights marked over a period of four days, celebrating life, pleasure and goodness all around the world (Subhamoy Das, 2015). There are many reasons why Dipavali is celebrate, which four out of ten reasons are: the birthday of Goddess Lakshmi, the rescued Lakshmi by Vishnu, a special day for the Jains, and the Diwali speech from Pope (Rajhans, S. G. & Das, S., 2014). People decorate their houses with lights and set off firecrackers, a lively way of celebrating…

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  • What Are Women's Roles In Greek Mythology

    Women’s roles in mythology ranged from culture to what type of goddess they are considered. They’re roles are important to the mythology story because women are the very essence of mankind. The role of Demeter, Goddess of Harvest, and her daughter and Isis, Goddess of Magic and Healing, are similar in different ways. The goddess of harvest would be for the plants to grow and the goddess of magic and healing would help people from dying. Both myths have similar roles and relations between men and…

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