Our Lady of Guadalupe

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  • Our Lady Of Guadalupe

    Our Lady of Guadalupe is the mother of God, also known a Blessed Virgin Mary. Our Lady was seen in Aztec Mexico City in the 1500’s by Juan Diego, and his uncle on the top of a hill. She appeared as an apparition and spoke to them in the nahuatl language saying that she wanted a church to be built on that site in her honor. Juan was a Catholic in a country that mainly practiced polytheistic beliefs. Our Lady appeared and told him that she was to have a church built, and that he was supposed to tell the bishop. Juan visits the Bishop and tells him what he saw, but the bishop did not believe him. As time passed Juan's uncle became ill. He walked past the hill where the Our Lady appeared, purposely avoiding it, but she showed up anyway telling…

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  • Women In Mejica Culture

    Women are the centerpiece of Mejica culture as evidenced by the temezcal, the women’s holy place at Tepeyac, Cosmic Mother religion, Coatlicue, and Tonantzin Guadalupe. All of the aforementioned topics revolve around women in that they either are women, resemble their anatomy, or are meant for women. A temezcal is a Nahuat word that translates to bath house. They were very prominent throughout southern and central Mexico in many towns, no matter the size of the town. For the Mejica, cleanliness…

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  • Virgin Of Guadalupe Analysis

    The Virgin of Guadalupe, the patron saint of Mexico, is a religious icon and symbol of Mexican nationalism and identity (Benedetti). Through analyzing the image and history of the Virgin of Guadalupe through the theoretical terms, e.g. gender, sexuality, identity, and authority, one is able to understand her meaning and importance to Mexico, the world, and the catholic church. Her importance can be examined through the use of these theoretical terms and how they intersect and connect with…

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  • Luz Calvo's Our Lady Of Controversy

    The book “Our Lady of Controversy” edited by Alicia Gaspar de Alba and Alma Lopez addresses many prevalent issues that were raised when Queer Chicana artist Alma Lopez showcased her reinterpretation of the iconic archetype of La Virgen de Guadalupe at the museum of International Folk Art in 2001 CyberArte. The book consist of short essays from scholars that analyzed the controversy through the context of religion, feminism, art and censorship, colonialism, queer theory, and Chicanx history.…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Personal Faith Journey

    Since I can remember, my religion and my life come hand in hand. I grew up in a town with a very strong Catholic faith that was passed on to me and I have kept it since. I started learning about my faith since I was a child and now that I am a young adult, I try day by day to understand it better and to follow the teachings of it. My faith is something I carry with me everywhere I go and it is not only a part of my life but a part of me. Faith has been a part of me since the day I was born. I…

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  • Mexico Essay On All Saints Day

    Mexico has many unique celebrations just like every other country does. Different traditions and value are what distinguish each country from one another. For Instance, In Mexico. Holidays such as Halloween, Christmas, and Independence Day are celebrated. However, they are celebrated differently cultural wise as well as the day the holiday is celebrated. Catholic celebrations, such as Three Kings Day and Day of our Lady of Guadalupe are also celebrated. Dia de los Muertos, also known as Day of…

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  • Essay On Marian Apparition

    Mary is Marian apparitions. A Marian apparition is a supernatural appearance of the Blessed Mother Mary here on earth. The three most famous accounts of Marian apparitions occurred in Lourdes, Fatima, and Guadalupe. The city of Lourdes is located in southern France, and was the home to a young girl named Bernadette. While searching for firewood, the young fourteen year old saw the Blessed Mother in a grotto by the river. The appearances became a regular thing and Mary instructed Bernadette to…

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  • Marianismo And Hembrismo Analysis

    woman, but Messmer is the only one to suggest the evolvement of these figures and how they changed Chicana women’s perspective specifically of how the Virgin of Guadalupe has been interpreted in different ways other than the traditional religious ways. Her article gave a positive and negative finding of how the Virgin of Guadalupe evolved to influence generally dark-skinned indigenous women. Messemer mentions the importance of how the Virgin was initially conceived of as the essential for…

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  • Nahua Theatre: Double Mistaken Identity

    maintained the same beliefs and attitudes towards the newly introduced faith. This middle ground in between Christianity and indigenous religion is called “indigenous Christianity” and it is a direct result of the Spanish conquest and occupation of Mesoamerica. Many smart native people understood that in order to survive in the post-conquest era, they must cooperate with the Spanish in the public eye. This often meant natives would have to practice baptisms, Christian ritual and prayer, and…

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  • La Virgen De Tepeyac Play Analysis

    everything in its path they are still trying to rebuild it.I got the oppurtunity to meet and rebuild one of hurricane survivor’s home.I got to see a new culture and meet new people that welcomed me into their home.I have volunteered in many places and has made me relize that a lot of people need help.It remind me that its’s impotant to give back and must be compassionate.Recently I volunteered at Sacred Heart Toy Drive .Seeing all the moms trying to pick the perfect toy for their kids…

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