The Importance Of Catholic Celebrations In Mexico

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Mexico has many unique celebrations just like every other country does. Different traditions and value are what distinguish each country from one another. For Instance, In Mexico. Holidays such as Halloween, Christmas, and Independence Day are celebrated. However, they are celebrated differently cultural wise as well as the day the holiday is celebrated. Catholic celebrations, such as Three Kings Day and Day of our Lady of Guadalupe are also celebrated.
Dia de los Muertos, also known as Day of the Dead is celebrated all across Mexico. It’s the day where all Mexicans pay their respect to the dead. They pray and remember family members and friends who have died. It is believed that on the nights of October 31 through the night of November 2
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The night before on December 11 millions of people from every state visit the Basilica of our lady of Guadalupe, a Catholic church in Mexico City. Some people take several days or weeks to get there because they go by foot from state to state to reach to the Basilica. Mexicans honor their patron saint with prayers and songs, exactly at 12am she is praised with many special happy birthday songs. Mexicans praise her because hundreds of years ago on a hillside near Mexico City, a beautiful dark skinned woman appeared to Juan Diego, a poor Indigenous Catholic. She told him her name was Saint Mary of Guadalupe and ordered him to visit the highest Priest and tell him to build a Church for her to be cherished. Juan Diego did as he was told, but the priest didn’t believe him. A few days later the Virgin of Guadalupe appeared to him once more and ordered him to go to a nearby hill and gather some roses and to take them to the Priest. On the hill, Juan Diego couldn’t believe his eyes, he found the prettiest roses he had ever seen. When he took the roses that he had gathered on a cloak to the Priest, Juan Diego kneeled and placed the roses on the floor and saw the Priest kneel down immediately. The cloak where Juan Diego collected the roses with had the Virgin 's image printed on it. The basilica was built exactly where the Virgin had appeared to Juan

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