Mexico Essay On All Saints Day

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Mexico has many unique celebrations just like every other country does. Different traditions and value are what distinguish each country from one another. For Instance, In Mexico. Holidays such as Halloween, Christmas, and Independence Day are celebrated. However, they are celebrated differently cultural wise as well as the day the holiday is celebrated. Catholic celebrations, such as Three Kings Day and Day of our Lady of Guadalupe are also celebrated.
Dia de los Muertos, also known as Day of the Dead is celebrated all across Mexico. It’s the day where all Mexicans pay their respect to the dead. They pray and remember family members and friends who have died. It is believed that on the nights of October 31 through the night of November 2 the souls of people who have passed return to earth. On October 31 it is known as All Saints Day Eve. On All Saints Day, November 1, small children who have died are honored as "angelitos," little angels. The next day, All Souls Day, is the day set aside for remembering older family members and friends. Families build up altars in cemeteries and homes, decorated with photographs of
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Family and friends get together and have a “Rosca De Reyes” which is like a big doughnut, but in the shape of an oval called “King’s Cake Pastry”. Inside the pastry there are plastic babies representing baby Jesus, there can be 2 to 8 babies found inside of the pastry. Along with the rosca they also have Mexican hot chocolate for dinner. Everybody gets a chance to cut their own piece of the rosca. Whichever family finds the most babies are supposed to invite everyone to eat tamales on February 2nd, Day of the Candelaria, 40 days after Jesus is born. This same night, children go to sleep and leave a shoe next to the “Nacimiento” known as a “Nativity” and receive presents the next day On three kings

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