Our Lady of Mount Carmel

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  • The Branch Davidians: A Psychological Analysis

    David Koresh “claimed he had cracked the code of the Seven Seals in the Book of Revelation, which predicted events leading to the apocalypse. He told his followers that the Lord willed the Davidians to build an Army of God” (Koresh). The members believed everything Koresh was saying so they could be accepted which is why they agreed to collecting weapons to defend themselves. This is when the situation became the beginning of the end for the Branch Davidians, when they started stockpiling weapons. “The Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms heard about this and requested a search warrant for Mt. Carmel but decided to make a surprise forced entry rather than serve the warrant” (Britannica). The Branch Davidians did not stand down and fought back. “The result was a 51 day standoff between Koresh and Federal agents” (Koresh). This event left Koresh, all his followers and the compound up in flames for proceeding to listen to a destructive leader's commands. In addition to normative social influence, these cults used the psychological method groupthink. Groupthink is a psychological phenomenon that occurs within a group of people, in which the desire for harmony or conformity in the group results in an irrational or dysfunctional decision making outcome. Jonestown is a great example of groupthink because everyone believed in Jim Jones. Hundreds…

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  • Marianismo And Hembrismo Analysis

    When discussing portrayals of what defines true womanhood some begin the conversation with the commonly gender specifics terms which are called Marianismo and Hembrismo (Greer; Asencio). Scholars have defined Marianismo as “derived from the Catholic belief in the Virgin Mary—ascribes superior morality and spirituality to the Latina woman, who is considered able to endure suffering more than men. Her traditional femininity is portrayed as submissive, religious, modest, and humble, and a woman who…

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  • Women In Mejica Culture

    religion focuses on a woman from whom all life was birthed. The Great Cosmic Mother was thought by the Mayans to be apparent in the Milky Way Galaxy. That is to say that parts of the Milky Way Galaxy represented her body parts, where the central bulge in the galaxy was, was the Cosmic Mother’s womb, and where there was a dark rift, there was “the birthing place.” For Cosmic Mother religion to be the alternative to a religion where a man is portrayed to set all life in motion is a direct…

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  • Nahua Theatre: Double Mistaken Identity

    The ways that the Nahua theater produced plays, it is easy to see how they could have inadvertently helped preserve pagan beliefs of the Nahua. The use of allegorical figures in the plays, such as the Final Judgement, could have been very confusing to viewers and actors. Using people dressed up as Penance, The Holy Church, Sweeping, Time, and Death to convey ideas that are not material or human could have added to pagan ideas that previously existed. Another preexisting idea of the native people…

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  • Mexico Essay On All Saints Day

    Mexico has many unique celebrations just like every other country does. Different traditions and value are what distinguish each country from one another. For Instance, In Mexico. Holidays such as Halloween, Christmas, and Independence Day are celebrated. However, they are celebrated differently cultural wise as well as the day the holiday is celebrated. Catholic celebrations, such as Three Kings Day and Day of our Lady of Guadalupe are also celebrated. Dia de los Muertos, also known as Day of…

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  • La Virgen Analysis

    The image of La Virgen has been present throughout most of our lives. From our homes to the murals in our communities. Growing up in a Hispanic/ Latino community it’s the norm to see her image either in tattoos, candles, shirts, posters, cars as well as in our churches and grocery stores. Historically, speaking her image has been used politically for instance, Cesar Chavez used her image, during the Mexican War for Independence her image was used as well. The image of La Virgen has evolved…

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  • Luz Calvo's Our Lady Of Controversy

    The book “Our Lady of Controversy” edited by Alicia Gaspar de Alba and Alma Lopez addresses many prevalent issues that were raised when Queer Chicana artist Alma Lopez showcased her reinterpretation of the iconic archetype of La Virgen de Guadalupe at the museum of International Folk Art in 2001 CyberArte. The book consist of short essays from scholars that analyzed the controversy through the context of religion, feminism, art and censorship, colonialism, queer theory, and Chicanx history.…

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  • La Virgen De Tepeyac Play Analysis

    everything in its path they are still trying to rebuild it.I got the oppurtunity to meet and rebuild one of hurricane survivor’s home.I got to see a new culture and meet new people that welcomed me into their home.I have volunteered in many places and has made me relize that a lot of people need help.It remind me that its’s impotant to give back and must be compassionate.Recently I volunteered at Sacred Heart Toy Drive .Seeing all the moms trying to pick the perfect toy for their kids…

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  • Analysis Of Deena J. Gonzalez's Essay Of Malinche

    Deena J. Gonzalez’s essay and Rolando J. Romero’s essay concern themselves with similar topics, but each one has a different approach to delivering their arguments and organizing their ideas. While Gonzalez takes a more individual approach to analyzing the truth behind Malinche, Romero compares her to La Virgen de Guadalupe. Both of these writers take an approach that sees Malinche as someone who got the short end of the stick. In Gonzalez’s essay, “Malinche Triangulated, Historically…

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  • Virgin Of Guadalupe Summary

    Miguel Gonzalez’s piece titled The Virgin of Guadalupe depicts the Virgin of Guadalupe in the center, with a smaller image in very corner and a beautifully decorated frame encompassing her image. She is shown looking down with her head a bit tilted to the left, a pose that characterizes her and distinguishes her from different virgins. She is in the center, with a beige background that most likely represents Juan Diego’s tilma, where her image appeared for the first time. Emanating from her…

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