Eulogy For Mother

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I'm so proud of my mother. She's a strong woman, not physically but because of the many things she has been through but still remains a good person.

She raised us most of the time specially when papa's away doing his job to provide us with everything we need.

She never lied to us about money. She'd tell us if we have a little extra for what we want and she'd tell us when we're broke.

She taught us to free our hearts from hatred and jealousy. To free our hearts from anger. She taught us to be kind, generous understanding and compassionate. She taught us that we should not wish for the things that we could not have or we should not rush to get the things we wish we could have.
She taught us to love God and all his creations.

She strived hard for us. When money is not enough to give her family
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Not because of money (because we don't have much which everyone knows) Not because of her position in the BLGU. It is because she is a good person and she respects other people.

I wonder why there are people who doesn't like her. Specially those people whom she helped years ago. I mean... i know we can't please everybody. Some people have ruined her so she'll look bad in the eyes of her friends and family. She may be hurt about it. She may be sad about it. But she's never vengeful. Never.

She never complains how tired she is. She never asked for a break as a mother. (I know someone tried to ask for a break as mother. Selfish, right?)

A lot of times her dreams for us are shattered but never did i hear hurtful words. Never did i feel hatred... only forgiveness and patience and acceptance.

I can see why Papa loves her so much. Our neighbors adore and respect her. Her brothers, sisters, Uncles, Aunts, cousins, nieces and nephews care for her. I can see why I'm protective of her. I can see why my brother lovingly teases or sometimes comforts her. I can see why the twins are always ready to help her and accompany her.

I can see why we all love her so

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