The Three Mothers

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The Three Mothers

“Child loss is not an event, it is an indescribable journey of survival”. Losing any family member is a very detrimental experience, but it does not compare to the pain a mom feels after she loses a child. In the podcast series titled “ Criminal”, by Juliene Alexander, Alexander has an episode segment on three mothers who have all lost a child. During the episode each mother introduces their child, explains what happened to them, and tell how their life has changed since their child has been deceased.

As the podcast speaker is introducing the topic of the podcast, the background music is very slow and depressing setting the mood for the entire episode segment ,but as each mother starts to talk about their child the background music is completely shut off giving the speaker the viewers undivided attention. During the episode segment when each mother spoke about their child, their voice continuously cracked as if they were going to bawl, showing many viewers a sense of pain . The first mother that was introduced in the podcast is Freedom Mcdonalds. Mcdonalds starts out by telling how she found out about her child. She was at work when
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Cary has a daughter that was named after her, her daughter was murdered on Friday, July 21, 2013. She was shot in the chest during a drive by shooting. She explained that losing her daughter is a reality that should never exist. She wanted justice for her daughter, but she could not deal with the stress and heartache of a trial. She ended her segment reading the poem that her daughter wrote that was read during the trial and how the judge walked out the courtroom as it was being read.By Watkins sharing the judge reaction to the poem shows the viewers how both sad and effective the poem was in court. Unfortunately, Mcdonalds was the only mother that was able to get justice for her child. Watkins and Sims child killer was trialed, but not

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