The Pros And Cons Of Same Sex Marriage

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Register to read the introduction… Why? Being gay is natural. Sure, moral fundamentalists may think it is a sin, but who are they to deny rights to those who are doing something that is just as right as a man loving a woman? Gays couples can be models of family life, offering just as much love and support for children as hetersexual couples. Gender should not be covered by marriage law, as the constitution protects US citizens from gender discrimination. While love is blind, justice should be blindfolded to gender. Since legal marriage is a creation of the state, same-sex marriage should fall under the same guidelines of non-discrimination that the state holds for all other circumstances (Baird …show more content…
It is apparent that Baehr v. Lewin may pave the way for same-sex marriages in Hawaii, but DoMA prevents other states from being forced to recognize their laws. That is why it is important that we in Texas repeal our sodomy law, and legally recognize same-sex marriage, making it possible for gays to be able to enjoy the full benefits of the life-long commitment of love. Hopefully, the generations of the future will be able to look back at gay discrimination as current society looks back at the ridiculousness of sex and race-based discrimination.

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