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  • Justified Research Objectives

    G&LIFRS for any given year. The researcher further applies both SPSS statistical package and excel application software to conduct ratio analysis and correlation checks (Such checks are designed to reveal the relationship between currency exchange rates fluctuations and foreign exchange gains and losses reported under separate standards). The use of software (Such as SPSS statistical software) may aid in the accuracy and speed of results. Also, Computation of the major determinants of…

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  • The Importance Of Ionic Conductivity Analysis

    Results and discussion 3.1 Ionic conductivity measurements The complex impedance plots for the polymer electrolytes with different amounts of TBAI /LiI is shown in Fig. 1. It can be displayed that the ionic conductivity increases with the increase in TBAI salt content and reaches the maximum value of 1.737×10-3 S cm-1 at 298 K for 60 % of TBAI content, beyond decreases on further addition of TBAI. At a low content of TBAI, the conductivity is low due to the small number of charge carriers in…

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  • Phase Solubility Essay

    vitro disintegration time and in vitro dissolution after six months. CONCLUSION The results of phase solubility observed that the formation of 1:1 complex between ISH and β-CD. The study of solid state characterization for complex indicated the conversion of crystalline form of ISH to amorphous form. It can be concluded form the results that the inclusion complexation of ISH in β-CD resulted in an improvement of the dissolution and facilitate the taste masking of ISH. The optimized batch of…

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  • Spotify: An Analysis Of The Spark Music Library

    The mobile market is a highly competitive one, where Spark dukes it out with 2degrees and Vodafone. It suffers from high churn, where a proportion of customers regularly switch to follow the best offers in market. For example at the time of launching this campaign, 40% of Spark’s mobile customers churned annually. In large part this was because telcos generally find it difficult to truly differentiate at a product level. Lower the price of a plan or increase the data allowance to a plan, and…

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  • Cross Border Valuation Case Study

    foreign government bonds. The end result is a DCF value denominated in U.S. dollars. * 2. The second approach is to discount foreign cash flows using a foreign WACC, and then translate the foreign DCF into a dollar DCF using the spot exchange rate. However, a major drawback to this method is that betas are not estimated for many stocks in emerging markets, so often the only way to estimate Beta accurately is to obtain quality and reliable market data of the country (which might not be…

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  • The Importance Of The Bretton Woods Agreement

    Key Term and Why You Are Interested in it I am interested in conducting more research on the Bretton Woods Agreement for several reasons. The first of which is the Agreement followed World War II, and this time period is extremely fascinating to me. But further the Bretton Woods Conference, and all the agreements made there, are the foundation for international commerce today. Because of organizations like the World Bank, and International Monetary Fund most countries operate in similar manners…

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  • Effect Of Temperature And Substrate Concentration On Catalase Reactions

    Statistics table for average reaction rate for varying substrate concentrations In the second part of the experiment, there was a steady increase in reaction rate with temperature (see Table 2) up to 37°C. The pre-boiled catalase did not react to produce any 02. Three two-sample t-test were performed between the boiled and cold reaction rate (p = 0.000112721), the cold and room temperature reaction rate (p = 0.000243814), and the room temperature and warm reaction rate p = 0.447281352.…

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  • Disadvantages Of Managing Investment Growth

    to match the goals of the investor. Through analyzing the different classes of risk, one can match investments to an investors risk tolerance and return requirements. While some investments may present greater risk they are countered by a higher rate of return and vice versa, less risk corresponds to a lower return. Moreover, investment risk can be substantially reduced through diversification, which spreads a portfolio across different industries, businesses and investment options. The…

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  • Essay On Effect Of Temperature On Rate Of Reaction

    affect the rate of reaction? Problem: What effects does temperature have on the rate of reaction? Purpose: The aim of this investigation is to investigate how changing the temperature of sodium thiosulphate affects the rate of reaction in a chemical reaction. In order to complete this practical the temperature will be changed three times and the rate of reaction will be measured each time. Variables: Independent: -the temperature of the sodium thiosulphate. Dependent: -the rate of…

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  • Time Is Money Essay

    I believe that time is money and learning how to manage one’s time goes a long way into bringing about a society in which people are responsible and good time managers, on a macro scale. I believe that the society should incorporate a culture in which children, from a young age are taught to manage their time not just in the learning environment, but in other areas of their lives too outside the school. A person who can properly manage time implies one who can be trusted with responsibilities…

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