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  • Breaking The Dress Code In The Myth Of Cool

    Winkler writes about the exhibit, ‘American Cool’, at the Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery and its numerous examples of cool. She says, that it highlights the idea of Americanness “earned individuality” as opposed to inherited arrogance. Cool people know which rules can be broken for illegitimate and legitimate reasons. Research emphasizes that cool people break the rules, but the right rules (Winkler, 2014). In fact, there has been a new research that finds cool people break the rules, but only certain rules. Researchers report in the Journal of Consumer Research that refusal to comply with traditional rules signals that you have confidence and independence, that you don’t worry what others may think of you. This only works if autonomy is considered suitable, but if the rules being defied seems unnecessary, illegitimate, or repressive. Being cool isn’t about breaking the rules, it’s about breaking certain rules in context (Winkler, 2014). In a study, researchers asked a group of people to decide about their reaction to an ad that either supported breaking or following a dress code. The ad was stating that a dress code was for a legitimate reason (to honor war veterans), then it wasn’t cool to break the dress code. When the group reads that it was for illegitimate reason (to recognize a corrupt…

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  • Cool Hand Luke Symbolism

    Introduction The movie Cool Hand Luke has been analyzed, reviewed, and evaluated by critics from every perspective possible. The manner in which the film is perceived varies drastically depending on the author; some pieces written about this film are rather literal and discuss it as it appears. However, there are many analyses that consider the symbolism and religious innuendos, but these are often misunderstood or overlooked completely. Cool Hand Luke is rich in symbolism, so it is no…

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  • Conformity In The Film 'Cool Hand Luke'

    Cool Hand Luke is about a troubled war veteran, Luke Jackson, who protested to any rules or authority. The movie is centered around his need to fight against conformity with a juxtaposition to the other characters who are obedient to authority and conform to the prison rules. Luke reflects non-conformity in his ways to tease the authorities and will not take any advice from the other prisoners. Conformity is expressed through the prison guards clothing, and the prisoner’s actions. Obedience to…

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  • Racism Exposed In Gwendolyn Brooks We Real Cool

    In todays’ society, a big part of arguments and conflicts have revolved around racism. Unless a person has gone to a high school or a University where the issue of racial privileges have been an issue, generally people tend to have their first encounter with the issue online. Misinterpretations of this discussion can often interfere with a persons view on this topic. Gwendolyn Brooks is a great American poet that portrays the lives of many Southern Chicago African Americans. I chose one of her…

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  • Analysis Of We Real Cool By Gwendolyn Brooks

    In the poem “We Real Cool” written by the first African-American to win a Pulitzer for Poetry, Gwendolyn Brooks discusses how she came across a group of young men at a pool hall, and what she thought they were feeling. Gwendolyn Brooks does a great job of discussing the issues, which African Americans faced during the time of the poem’s publication in the 1950’s in Chicago. Brooks does so in a clear and concise way that engages the readers by using alliteration, rhyme, and monosyllabic words. So…

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  • Personal Essay: My Apology In The Classroom

    To start off my apology I would like to start by saying that I know what I have done is not what I should be doing and every time that I do something that is against the rules other people think that it is ok to break the rules too and I know that I have a lot of people looking up to me so I am not being a very good role model for the people around me. I know the 9th graders look up to us when we are in bible class. Like the other day in class I said something funny and they all laugh and even…

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  • Catcher In The Rye Essay Prompts

    her powers. Another thing about her is that she’s so calm and thinks through her decisions. Even though I’m behind her choices, the default options are always thoughtful. If she was a real person, she would probably become a detective when she’s an adult. She notices small details and pieces together clues in a way that makes everything make sense, even if I have no idea what 's happening in the game. Even if she’s dealing with the disappearance of Rachel or piecing together, how someone is…

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  • Example Of Classroom Observation

    During the time of my observation, I was able to see how the classroom staff transitions the students from their recess/preferred activity. Outside of the classroom is what Mrs. Stevens likes to call the cool down station. After transition from the gym, each student had to participate in the cool down station by sitting in the desk with their hands on the desk and taking ten deep breaths. After completing the cool down station, Mrs. Stevens would ask the student’s if they were ready to return to…

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  • Personal Narrative: How Social Media Changed My Life

    mom I will call her on my cellphone. I spend some time talking to her about the day listening to her soothing voice before I go to bed. Other times I will video call friends or family to see each other face to face without physically being present. I regularly check my email at night to view any messages I may have gotten from school or any announcements I may have gotten from coworkers or friends. Just as my cellphone helps me communicate, it also allows me to function with its various apps. I…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: My Experience On A Cruise

    the food was all free. The next best part about the cruise was the people on the ship. I met so many different types of people on the boat. I met American people, Asian people, and I even met Cubans. The Cubans were the most fun of all to me. They were really funny and knew how to party. My cousin and I would just walk around and everybody would talk to us. I met a lot of cool people, like these two Cuban guys. We hung out with them most of the time while we were there. There were also a lot…

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