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  • Pglo Plasmid By E. Coli

    a competent bacteria cell able to take up a pGLO plasmid by means of heat shock genetic transformation. To test this, colonies of E. coli mixed either with a pGLO plasmid or without a pGLO plasmid were placed on four Luria-Bertani (LB) agar nutrient plates. One plate had only LB, two had both LB and ampicillin, and one had LB, ampicillin and arabinose sugar. We hypothesized for this study that the E. coli mixed with the pGLO plasmid would take up the plasmid and would then thrive on the agar plates with ampicillin because the pGLO plasmid contains a gene for ampicillin resistance. It also follows then that the E. coli colonies without the pGLO plasmid (i.e. also without the ampicillin resistance gene) would die off due to the presence of ampicillin in the agar. Furthermore, we hypothesized that E. coli would grow on all of the plates except for the plate with no pGLO plasmid containing LB and ampicillin. Finally, we hypothesized that the E. coli with the added pGLO plasmid would glow on the plate with LB, ampicillin, and arabinose sugar because the arabinose would activate the GFP gene also found in the pGLO plasmid causing the E. coli to produce the protein. The results of this experiment are significant because the way that many genetic processes occur in E. coli parallel the genetic processes in most other organisms (Riley et al. 2006). As such, understanding how genetic transformation works in E. coli can aid in understanding the process for all living…

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  • Jamal's Transformation In The Movie 'Finding Forrester'

    How is it that people can look around at other individuals and watch them transform right in front of their eyes? In the movie Finding Forrester people are able to watch many characters transform just due to the human beings around them. Jamal has a strong passion for writing but, is always looking for help to improve. William is a writer who has shut himself away from society. These two happen to have a truly unique meeting, Jamal breaks into William's apartment due to a dare, from this point…

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  • The Evolent Relationship Model

    organization. This is a critical first step as it determines how willing a client is willing to accept change which is normally an indicator for a successful candidate in a business partner relationship. Moving from a traditional fee-for-service model which provides a predictable revenue for a health system to a value-based payment system requires a radical change not only in how the health system operates but also in their willingness to undergo a transformation…

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  • Comparing Jealousy In Medusa And The Laboratory

    In the poems “Medusa” by Duffy and “The Laboratory” by Browning both authors explore the theme of jealousy and its destructive nature on people and society as a whole. In Duffy’s poem “Medusa” she critiques society on its treatment towards women, demonstrating how those without beauty are only corrupted with jealousy and how this behavior has survived through the ages. While Duffy focuses on the impacts of jealousy on the individual Browning looks towards its impacts on society, and its power to…

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  • Character Analysis: El Conquistador De Corazones

    In the small desert town of Esperarcita, Mexico, the lives of its citizens mimic its name: those of a little hope, those of little hope, and those who continue to wait a little. This novel focuses on community, in particular the relationships among a small group of individuals and their specific challenges of transformation. An old cement park bench, with the inscription “ALBERT JOHNSON,” is a central character, that while serving as a meeting place of friends, through a subtle touch “he”…

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  • Pglo Transformation

    Genetic transformation is a process by which competent bacteria intakes naked DNA from the surrounding environment and incorporates the foreign DNA into its own genetic code. Transformation only occurs in competent bacteria. A naturally competent bacterium is classified as a bacterium that can readily intake naked DNA. Fortunately, the bacteria that are not naturally competent can still undergo transformation by being treated with various agents to artificially induce competence. Also, another…

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  • Leading Change

    As the Editor’s note by Harvard Business Review pointed out on its review of Leading Change Why Transformation Efforts Fail by John Kotter, there are general lesson to be learned from the more successful cases of corporate change efforts. First is that the change process goes through a series of phases that, in total, usually require a considerable length of time. Skipping steps creates only the illusion of speed and never produces a satisfying result. Second, is that critical mistakes in any of…

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  • The Importance Of Corporate Change In Business

    One company began its transformation process with much publicity and actually made good progress through the fourth phase. Then the change effort ground to a halt because the officer in charge of the company’s largest division was allowed to undermine most of the new initiatives. He paid lip service to the process but did not change his behavior or encourage his managers to change. He did not reward the unconventional ideas called for in the vision. He allowed human resource systems to remain…

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  • Dream Collector And Julio Cortaztar: A Comparative Analysis

    ride my friends told me to go on. When i was in the line i got so scared that i ran out the line and i got a stomach ache and i called my brother to pick me up. It started as a fun and interesting day with my friends and the it transformed to a horrible day which i will never forget. Oate’s “Where is Here” “Dream Collector” and Julio Cortaztar”s “House Taken Over” uses transformation of an ordinary person and an ordinary setting to show us how easily circumstances can change.…

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  • Jamal's Transformation In Finding Forrester

    Transformation is the first step in accepting one’s true potential. In Finding Forrester, Jamal, a talented high schooler, meets William Forrester, a hermit author. At first they seem to be two sides of the same coin, but as conflict occurs they rise above their fears and grow for the better. In chaotic confrontations, people’s faults become apparent, and they transform into who they really are. During confrontation, people realize their transformation into who they really are. Professor…

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