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  • How Did Hypatia Contribute To Society

    The story of Hypatia is what led her to her upcoming and how she made an impact to society. Her father Theon of Alexandria, Plato, Aristotle, and Plotinus influenced her in like and learning to love and have a passion for mathematics and everything that came with it. In her time of A.D she was the only woman who made a big difference. Hypatia was a popular teacher of interesting topics. She drew attention to herself by being phenomenal at what she did. Her words embraced others as much as herself by dedicating her life and virginity.She was a dedicated woman that loved at what she did and learned in her time she is an ancient woman of Alexandria that made a difference to our society of where Parabolas, hyperbolas and ellipses. Hypatia life just began let's see how it ends. She was an ancient woman in our society that made a difference is what we know and how we know it. Hypatia created things that we use to this day, she made history that…

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  • Quadrivium: Hypatia Of Alexandria

    were conducted by using the formulas of x-y=a and x^2-y^2=(x-y) +b, which were referred to as simultaneous pairs. Most of her well known contributions to math were revisions to the work of her male cohorts. Three of her heavily appraised corrections and commentaries were to that of: Ptolemy’s “Almagest”, Apollonius’ review of Conics, and her father Theon’s lessons of the “Euclid Elements”. She even revised her commentary of “The Arithmetica” conducted by Diophantus. Out of all her revisions,…

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  • Conic Sections Case Study

    include: circles, parabolas, ellipses and hyperbolas. A circle can be formed from a cone if a plane intersects with the cone at an angle perpendicular to the base of the cone. This circle is also formed by the equation: (x-h)2+ (y-k)2=r2. This equation creates a relation because the collection of points does not pass the vertical line test. To form a specific circle, only 3, non-collinear, unique points are necessary. In order to form a circle when B is equal to 0, then A must equal C. If this…

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  • How Did Hypatia Become A Mathematician

    And how did she discover she wanted to become a mathematician? Hypatia is the daughter of Theon of Alexandria who was also a mathematician and an astronomer. Hypatia clearly took after her father and became a mathematician and an astronomer but, she also became a philosopher. Theon of Alexandria played in preservation of Euclid’s Elements, he also did commentaries on the Ptolemy’s Almagest and Handy Tables. Hypatia continued her fathers program which was to make effort to preserve the Greek…

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  • Emak Bakia Analysis

    This give evidence of Man Rays interest in working with the attributes of the photographic cinematographic medium, each leg is more transparent than the pervious. (Elder, pg 600) A portion of the film consists of stop motion with various objects. One of the objects is the sculpture also called Emak Bakia that man ray produced in 1926. the piece consists of a wooden part that resembles the neck of a cello but has loose horsehair instead of strings. Man Ray once said, “Nature, from the sea-shell…

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  • Themes For Verbatim In The Fly By Karl Shapiro

    Within the last few stanzas, a collection of intense verbs appears such as “slap”, “mangle”, “expose” and “tear”. These verbs together demonstrate the speaker’s new overwhelming rage towards the fly. The speaker describes his action as if “one beats a rat”. There is so much importance placed on this small fly that the speaker has escalated its importance in the big scheme of things. The speaker is also proud of his destruction of the creature demonstrated through him referring to himself as…

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  • Greek Geometry In Education

    The 1830’s was the time period in which geometry became to have a large impact on high school math education (Gagatsis, Demetriadou 105). The Greek’s curriculum followed the Bavarian curriculum which focused 53.2% on literature and 19.2% on mathematics (Gagatsis, Demetriadou 105). The Greek syllabus in 1857 for mathematics included plane geometry (angles, lines, circles) and space geometry (solids, area, volume) (Gagatsis, Demetriadou 105). They also included analytic geometry which is “the…

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  • Literary Techniques In 'Sonata For Harp And Bicycle'

    what she really said” Tone: 1) The tone is Mysterious because they were very mysterious about leaving office exactly at five “Sonata for Harp and Bicycle” 2) The tone in American History is Hopeful because the more she gets close to Eugene she dreams with being more like that family and just fit in like those family. Perspective: Bias: Purpose: 1) In the story of Sonata for Harp and Bicycle the purpose is to entertain. 2) The purpose of the American History was to entertain because is…

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  • A. D. Hypatia Of Alexandria

    development of mathematics. She lived in the great center of ancient learning; Alexandria, Egypt, in the 4th century A.D. While it t is assumed that she studied mathematics under her father, Thon of Alexandria; it is known that she was the head of the Platonist school in Alexandria around 400 A.D. Hypatia contributed in many ways to math; it is said that she edited the work on “The Conics of Apollonius.” With her influence in this book, Hypatia made the concepts easier for others to understand,…

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  • Alien Motion Lab

    parallel to its side a parabola will be created. When it intersects at an angle closer to the axis than to the side of the cone a hyperbola is produced. An ellipse is formed when the section formed is between a right angle to the axis and an angle parallel to the side of the cone. This is important since the orbit that is going to be found in this exploration is going to be an ellipse. This is because parabolas and hyperboles are open orbits, which means that the spacecraft will travel…

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