Buster Shop Case Study

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Register to read the introduction… In order to strengthen the financial and professional background, the second store will be in partnership set up.

1. Ownership

The new Buster’s store is privately owned corporation in partnership basis.

Lydia Chan owns 75% of the second store. She will work full-time in the store in the first year to ensure smooth day to day operation. In the second year and onwards she will be half day in the first store and half day in the second one.

Carmen Chan owns 25% of the second store. Carmen is the elder sister of Lydia, she is a chartered accountant in Hong Kong Bank. She will provide financial advice and assistant for Buster’s.

2. Employees

Base on the experience of the first store, we anticipate two employees are sufficient for the daily operational need.
There are two full-time shop assistants in the first Buster’s store, Christine and
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Product Strategy

Buster’s emphases are on friendly service and good quality of products that fit the requirements of people in their workplace. We do not just follow what selling in super markets or franchised convenience stores. We focus on customization. The following listed are the key categories for Buster’s.

A) Pre-wrapped sandwiches :

Homemade sandwiches with 4 different choices of fillings : egg and ham, beef, chicken breast and assorted vegetables. These are basic pre-wrapped sandwiches.
In addition, we also provide small individual packed fillings such as chess, tomato, cucumber and eggs as supplements, so customers can design and make their own sandwiches in their offices. This will satisfied customers who are looking for variety of choices but without burdening our inventory.

B) Bottled/Canned beverages

The most popular bottled/canned beverages are available in Buster’s which including soft drinks, coffee, tea and milk. We also provide healthy drinks such as herbal tea, flower flavored tea, juice, Soya bean milk, flavored mineral water, and etc.

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Low entrance barrier will attract people who want a start-up venture by copying the same concept as Buster’s.

5. Operation

1. Location of the business

The new business venue of Buster’s will be located in the lobby floor of Sky Tower, a new office building in No.23 Harbor Road, Kennedy District, Hong Kong.

When Lydia, owner of the first Buster’s store, decided to open the second store, she had gone through serious research and calculation because location is essential to be successful and profitable. The following listed are factors why Sky Tower is the right place.

➢ Scale and income level of Customer base
Sky Tower is an A-grade commercial building, tenants are mainly big corporations in business relating to international trading, banking and investment, insurance, accounting and etc. Anticipated total occupants will be 3,000 to 4,000. Most of them are professionals and/or high income level employees. This creates a beneficial customer base for Buster’s.

➢ Close by location of the two Buster’s

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