Glasser Theory: Glasser's Theory In Classroom Management

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System of Guidance
Darci Deakin
Utah State University

System of Guidance
Glasser’s Theory William Glasser’s theory is also known as, Choice Theory. Glasser’s research was done focusing on classroom management, but it relates very well in a home environment. He believed that students should accept responsibility for their own behavior and should also be responsible for the consequences that come with their behavior. We cannot change others behavior; we can only change our own behavior (Charles, Senter, & Barr, 1998). Glasser decided that the ultimate goal for classroom management is self-discipline and self-control.
Later on in his research he decided that teachers need to be leaders for their students and support quality
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I think that he has a great viewpoint on the child is in control of themselves. They are in charge of their own behaviors and ultimately how they will live their life’s. As a parent we don’t do much besides being an example and leading them. I also loved Glasser’s opinion on being a leader. Through the examples that we set, they will have the desire to try harder, and be a better person. I feel he has great ideas on how to involve the children. For example, having discussions, meetings, evaluations, demonstrations, and just engaging in what the child is interested in or is participating …show more content…
As parents, we need to establish clear rules with our children that include expectations and consequences. Rules I will set with my child is, Don’t be mean to others. Don’t raise your voice in anger. Do follow the golden rule. And do use your manners at all times. These rules follow Glasser’s theory because I am helping my child understand the important of being a well-rounded human. I am leading by example. And if an issues arises with any of the above rules, we will have a family/ personal meeting to discuss what went wrong and what could have gone better. If my child follows these rules he/she will be able to be accountable for their own behavior and see the good and bad consequences that

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