Managing Space In The Classroom

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 N.Bennet & Blundle ( 1983) ( as cited in khine, 2001) states that, “behavior improved when learners are seated in rows”. The classroom desk arrangement aligned in rows which helps teacher to monitor the class and also everyone faces the front. As a result, it encourages students to become independent learner and it helps to reduce misbehavior.
 Managing the space play very important role in effective classroom management. The classroom is arranged in a way that student and teacher could work easily. According to Winston Churchill (2005), Managing Space our classroom should be arranged to be an environment in which it is for us and students to work easily and so that it does not encourage misbehavior.
 Wall displays are an important part
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Students are eager to share anything they want and also teacher ask questions to the group, which would help them to discuss with their peers as a result it would help them to create positive learning environment. when students do their work, teacher observed very closely and clarify their doubts. As a result, there is an authentic relationship between students and teachers. According to Hargreaves (1994) ( as cited in T. Nugent , 2009), quality of effective teacher is not the one who master in their subject area but the quality teacher is the one, emotionally and kindly beings who connect with their students and fill their work and classes with pleasure, creativity, challenge and …show more content…
They do not have an authentic relationship between their classmates and even teacher. (Stipek, 2002) (as cited in Knoell, 2012). According to Stipek many of the children who are not doing well academically, are the same ones who have a poor relationship with their teachers. Teacher have to cater all the students’ needs, then there might not be these problems in the class.
 The classroom decoration is not very much effective and attractive. Though there are some parts on the wall to paste students work, the classroom decorations are not interesting. When a student first steps into a room they will make a judgment about the type of class they are going to be taking. How class are arranged and they would notice what is hanging on the walls. Teacher needs to create different learning corners and display so that students would know that the teacher will appreciate their work. (Lippman, 2010)
 It was found that the explanation was too fast. As a result, the weaker student might not understand what the teachers said. Also the given work is not applicable for low achievers. Teachers have to design lessons that helps to challenge high level students, at the same time, give chance to low-ability students to move forward” (Churchill,

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