Summary Of Educational Psychology: Personal Statement

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I started my educational career teaching high school children in the Bahamas, where I was born and raised. Because the island I lived on faced economic, health, and educational disparities, teaching, sometimes, was a bit of a struggle. At times, I felt like teaching was not enough to get children where they needed to be in the world of education and development. What was missing, in my opinion, was a school or educational psychologist or even a guidance counselor on staff to give children and adolescents that extra push to succeed. While us teachers were burnt out from performing our own duties as well as assuming a few responsibilities of other supporting professions, some of our students were slowly becoming unmotivated to learn. Once …show more content…
Consequently, I am applying for a Master of Science degree in Educational Psychology with a concentration in Learning and Development. This degree would allow me to look at education from a psychological perspective and bring power to my interest in analyzing how learning and development are influenced by motivational and cognitive factors. Beyond the walls of the graduate school, the application of this wisdom to children and adolescents in a school setting would immensely increase academic …show more content…
Through human development, I gained an interdisciplinary perspective on lifespan development, along with skills such as designing and critically evaluating research studies, and writing effectively for a variety of purposes and audiences. In my educational psychology course, I examined theories of learning with applications and implications to the learning environment, and determined strategies that promote the acquisition and transfer of knowledge in children, adolescents, and adults. Learning about the fundamentals of statistical analysis that apply to education and other fields during my Statistics course proved to be challenging; however, with my strong will to succeed, I adhere to my professor’s guidance and was able to accomplish great results in the end.

Completing my undergraduate studies made me the first person in my family and the first male on my island to obtain a Bachelor’s degree. A master’s degree would be another proud moment for my family and island community. What a great way to be a role model for the youth in my community. If that isn’t enough, need I mention my current work

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