Essay On Philosophy Of Education

Education is a journey that every child is placed on early in their lives. As the journey continues each child is allowed to choose his or her path and their adventures. As they grow they get to choose their electives, which colleges they want to attend and even which majors they choose to pursue. The purpose of education, education philosophy, and motivation are all key components to being successful in the classroom.
Everybody has heard the phrase, education is the key to success. Education has so many purpose some obvious and some are less. Education is used to teach both creative and analytical thinking, it is used to help spark curiosity and build a child imagination. Education is not a short time (k-12) experience but should be continuous
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My philosophy on education stands as is, every child is unique and with that child’s uniqueness is their drive. As an educator it is my responsibility to help find and motivate each and every child, to help them become the best possible individual he or she can be. I will do this by keeping my lessons up to date and relevant, by feeding their natural curiosity, and most importantly keeping them involved in everything we do. I feel if I can do this effectively that each and every child who comes through my classroom will be a better more rounded person when they leave.
To help individuals better themselves and better society is a key component which is motivating me to become a teacher. I also would like to help students find their passions to make their life choices easier. When I was in high school I had teacher whom I idealized, who helped my find what I truly enjoyed doing and how to apply it to my everyday life also multiple career options where those skills could be used. He went farther and beyond what his actual “job” required him to do, not just for me but for any student who asked. I hope I can inspire and truly educate children as well as that teacher has done for

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