My Purpose Of Education

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USING THIS TEMPLATE: Provide your updated responses to the following prompts:
1. I believe the purposes of education are….
The purpose of education is to create a future for our country. Education is the first stepping stone to making a future that we as people have advanced in. It is the things that we learn so that we can do something for ourselves down the road. Education is something that we will keep with us forever, so it is very important that we take our studies seriously. When you learn something you are expanding upon every possibility of everyday for your future.
2. I believe that children learn best when they are taught under certain conditions and learn in certain ways. Some of these are….
Every child will learn somethings
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Self-Evaluate your Philosophy Statement with the following criteria and then answer the questions in section D below:
Does my philosophy accurately relate my beliefs about teaching? Have I been honest with myself?
I believe that it does accurately relate my beliefs about my teachings. The things that I am trying to get through to the children relates directly to what I want the children to take from my teachings. I do also believe that I am being honest with myself. My philosophy comes from a standpoint of both a teacher and a student and I feel like that allows me to know what I would like to get from the teachings, and also what I would like others to understand from my teachings.
Is it understandable to me and others?
I think that it is understandable to me and others; the philosophy that I am trying to show is that teaching isn’t just something that you do for a pay check. It’s something that you do so that we can make the world a better place, something that will help the world continue to grow bigger and
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Respond to these final two questions thoroughly and specifically:
1) How does your Philosophy of Education meet the above evaluation criteria? Please be specific as to "how".
My philosophy of education meets the evaluation criteria through each individual point that is provided. The information creates a clear and precise way of what I can expect and what the children can expect from me. It will make sure that the people that I will be working with can get a complete experience of what I am like without actually talking to me in person.
2) How will your Philosophy of Education guide your work with children and families?
I think that by providing the children and their families a part of your philosophy will help them understand were you come from as a teacher. It gives them an expectation of you as a teacher and an expectation of what they can see out of their children. I also think that the philosophy when given to the parents will help you stick to what you want in the children because you set a standard for what you want to see as far as growth as well in the

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