Personal Review Of Educational Goals And Philosophy Statement

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What is education? The proper definition is the act or process of acquiring general knowledge, developing the powers of reasoning and judgment, and generally preparing oneself or others intellectually for a mature life.
However, education means something completely different to me, it means passion. Let me explain… My goal in life is to become a first grade teacher, with special education students included. I believe that teaching is one of the most rewarding jobs (no matter what age) because you are helping them find themselves.
I am currently involved in the school to work program that my high school offers, my school offers this program to educate anyone interested in doing internships. Students can do internships from pediatrics to architecture
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They all had different costumes but looked so cute, this also helped me learn about their personalities. Another event I have been present for is the making of their Veterans Day project. The teacher made a poem about saying thank you for their service, then we surrounded the poem with their handprints in the shape of a …show more content…
Sometimes I even teach the kids and get them to use their creativity with the craft related to the story. Another time I helped teach children was during my mission trips, which include going to another state to help the community in anyway we can. I go on the mission trip with my church, I have gone twice and both times I have done “Kids Cub”. Each year 's kids club was a little different, in Boston the children walked to the church we had been staying in. While they were at the church, we taught them new songs, I read to them, we played to educate them on physical activity, and we helped them explore their creative side. My second mission trip, which was in West Virginia the “Kids Club” included similar activities and I learned new songs that I brought home to teach my kids in Sunday school. I also did “Energy Express” which was similar to a summer school, where I learned all about the different types of children; including shy, always happy, the trouble maker,etc… and how to get everyone to work together while achieving a positive

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