Education: The Allegory Of The Cave

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Education: it can be interpreted and used in many different ways. According to the Webster Dictionary education is defined as the knowledge, skill and understanding that you get from attending a school, college, or university. There are multiple different ways one can be educated, and they all share five simple characteristics. First, they must understand the reason behind their learning. Second, they must have the self-drive to want to continue learning. Third, they must have the right motives and be motivated in the right ways. Fourth, they must have the ability to learn from the real world outside of the classroom. Fifth, they must be open to new ideas in order to become fully educated. What is the value of your answers if you have …show more content…
You need to understand the reasoning of others and their thinking, which could possibly assist you in becoming more knowledgeable by understanding multiple viewpoints. If you are closed minded and only believe what you decide to believe then your knowledge will never expand beyond its current state. In “The Allegory of the Cave” the prisoners had no knowledge of the outside world making them uneducated in the sense that they had no other outside ideas other than what they perceived to be reality. This is the same case in the real world, if you do not seek any information from anything outside your current beliefs then you cannot expand your knowledge which will limit you in becoming educated to the fullest potential.
The five major characteristics of an educated person have impacted me greatly throughout my life. They have helped me achieve my current level of education, and I plan to continue this education into the future. In the future I hope to reach my full potential, and this is the main reason I seek a better education. This future accomplishment will help reach a portrait of the person I hope to
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Getting a worthy education is the foundation for future success, along with that success comes a life worth living with many great memories. This is the sole purpose that I seek a higher education, the quality of life of someone who is superiorly educated is much higher than that of someone who has little to no education. This does not infer that just any educated person is destined to become prosperous, they must encompass all characteristic of an educated individual and most importantly never look back. This is my motivation for coming here to Wartburg, I know that in four years when I receive my degree I will be a far better person than the first day I stepped on campus. I can only hope that will be the outcome of my time here, and because of experiences and memories here at Wartburg I am confident I will become very successful.
After becoming the best learner and most well-rounded individual possible I plan to pursue my dreams of becoming extremely prosperous. This is not only in terms of money; I will seek out to live a high value of life that my past education has prepared me for. I wish to find a job in the Denver metropolitan area in Colorado, due to my superior knowledge and understanding of the characteristics of an educated person I wish to work my way to a highly noble

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