The Importance On Education And The Power Of Education

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Education can be a powerful tool to have. Without education life can be very challenging. Honoring knowledge and grasping the ability of its power leads to growth of mental capabilities. The more knowledge one obtains the higher is his magnification of existence. Being educated is almost assured a fair exchange of usable goods over a life time. Having wisdom relieves complex situations. When we discuss the meaning of education in all of its glory, most of us often think of preparation in career fields. To understand the benefits of an education we must expand our definition of education in its broadest form. Education means to develop mentally and morally throughout one’s lifetime. Intelligence and emotional stability promotes tranquility. …show more content…
The power of knowledge can have a remarkable life of itself. Having the desire to achieve wisdom can often depend on our urge for learning. Education determines our way of life. It can create boundaries for expansion. On the other hand, not being educated can also limit our capabilities. College fullest potentials glows when students embrace it as a life tool of defeat. Eager learners acknowledge the importance of education in all of its formalities. They get the idea that learning sometimes may not come easy, but if we can develop a love for learning it can have huge impacts on growth and development as human beings. In “Education’s Hungry Hearts” Mark Emundson speaks on how a student’s devotion to learning is what can make the difference in the quality of education that a student receives (521). In other words, realizing how precious knowledge can be and trying to obtain it as much as possible is the key to getting the most from a college education. Feeding on wisdom and experience of Professors can have a valuable life advantage. Curious learners acknowledge this and they use it to their benefit. Students with a deep desire for learning realize that it does not just improve job requirements, but it can also empower self-awareness as well as emotional growth. Studying the lives of entrepreneurs and leaders before our time produces properly developed minds (Edmundson 522). …show more content…
Learning leads to discovering’s of thee unknown. Having educational background enhances life potential, it can promote advancement in all area of life. Educated citizens promote civilization and stability (Delbanco 507). A world that consist of more people with higher education is a world on its way to longevity. Investing in universal higher education would serve good to the life of the human race. Answering life’s biggest question requires intelligence on a global level. Limiting education to selective groups is not the resolution in solving these questions. Higher education for all can lead us to conclusions at a much faster pace. Providing equal college options for all U.S citizens will improve corporations, strengthen self-esteem and unite people in ways we could ever imagine. Neighboring college institutions should support this act of democracy (Delbanco 509). Answers to our most important questions as curious species depends on all walks of life. Advantage or under advantage the intellect mind or the inquisitive mind, regardless of our positions we all have unanswered questions about life. Coming together on all levels can help us answer them at a faster pace. Driven souls, sharp or sluggish still should have equal rights in the world of learning (Edmundson 523). College instills self-reliance it promotes proximity, it challenges our undiscovered emotions. College can take us to levels of the undiscovered. Being

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