Analysis Of Hidden Intellectualism By Gerald Graff

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Today’s society has an interminable hunger for knowledge. Being that knowledge is sold as the key to success and a brighter future. More than ever certain levels of knowledge and vocation are required to be employed. Education plays an intricate role in everyone’s life. The purpose of it is to make one informed of what the world has to offer and Education should unlock the potential inside a person. The education system shows awareness of civilization’s progression but does not fully equips students to be full participants. Education should be a driving force that directs its pupils to their purpose or career.
Many students have difficulties discovering what their purpose is. One reason being is most of the times they are being subjected to
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Should not the academics reflect the student’s interest? The education system is insufficient in finding ways to show how education is valuable to a person’s personal ambitions. Their criteria should be tailor to match the needs of their adherents. In an essay titled “Hidden Intellectualism”, Gerald Graff gives a compelling argument on how schools should capitalize off student’s street smarts to engage them intellectually. Graff states, “It is self defeating to decline to introduce any text or subject that figures to engage students who will otherwise tune out academic work entirely.” If the education system did more to find common ground with the students then possibly they would be more receptive to what their being taught. If students are being educated in a manner that treats them as if they are of no purpose it makes it difficult for students to believe that they have a …show more content…
The education system is detrimental to the core of who the student is. Five days a week for 180 days, the minds of children are being compartmentalized. Authenticity is nonessential in certain classrooms because the educator and their structure of teaching will not thoroughly utilize it.
No matter what direction in life a person take or what profession they choose there is an Education component included. Dr. Martin Luther king once said, “Education must enable a man to become more efficient, to achieve with increasing facility the legitimate goals of his life.” Even, if a person has a passion or desire to have major accomplishments in their life, knowledge is required to some extent. To be efficient at it takes training and a particular level of intellect.
Our past experience, where we come from, and our ancestry can be the determining factor for where we go in life. They sometimes limit our horizon to how far we can go in life. A person usually comes to that point because they have not been properly instructed on the opportunities that could be given to them with through education. Many people in America have started from or hit rock bottom and yet they found a way to make something out of themselves. The level education could fully indicate how far a person goes in

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