My Teaching Philosophy Essay

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My Teaching Philosophy

The nature of knowledge should be relative. Each student is different, and their education should fit their needs. Education should help the child grow both mentally and emotionally. Students should be given the right to think on their own. They do not need a teacher who will take their free will away. Students should not have to conform to something in which they do not believe. They should have their own thought processes. The best philosophical approach toward a child’s education is progressivism.

Progressivism allows the child to be a free-thinking individual. My teaching method will let the students become critical thinkers who can use their knowledge in the “outside world”. To accomplish this
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The area of curricula that I have chosen is English-Language Arts. This subject area is important because it teaches students to think critically and accomplish problem solving tasks. The reading and writing of literature will help them think and interpret on a higher educational level.

Instead of being a strict teacher, I will be a facilitator. My classroom will be one of control, and not one with a strict code of order. I feel that if a teacher orders students around they will be given less respect. If you keep them in line without being too controlling, they will be more effective listeners. I will create a type of democracy in which everyone will have a voice in their educational curriculum. Students should be allowed to have some sort of input into the type of education they are receiving. If they do not like something you are doing, you should take the time and listen to their ideas. I will not act like I am more intelligent than they are. I believe that teachers should operate on the same level, and receive as much as they give.

My developmental plan is to further my education as much as possible. I plan on obtaining employment in an educational atmosphere that I enjoy working in. I plan on being a teacher, but I would also like to leave my options open. The school system needs to obtain more female principals, so this is one option that I plan to look in on.

It is crucial for teachers to join either the American

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