Classroom Philosophy Essay

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Education is an important feature in today’s society. Teachers over the years created different philosophies about different types of characteristics a teacher should possess. Every teacher has a certain way of teaching that they think is the best. Phil Collins once said “In learning you will teach, and in teaching you will learn.” A classroom should be a place of sanctuary and knowledge. Every student should get the ability to make their own decision and have the right to express their free will. If a student is not taking a break from paying attention in class they might not remember what they are learning. In this case a five minute break seems reasonable to prevent cognitive overload. Every teacher has a role in the classroom. This role …show more content…
Reason behind why students like to sit in the back of the classroom is because, students feel like they can get away with more. Alongside that students don’t want to pay attention in class so they can do whatever they want in the back of the classroom. A strategy to avoid this troublesome obstacle is to arrange the desks in a “U,” shape at the front of the room the teacher can place their desk. This formation can prevent students from slacking in class and at the same time help the teacher bond or make a connection with their students. Posters and pictures in a classroom that promote positive reinforcement are helpful to boost students in participating. Participation is important in teaching because participation lets the teacher know how well their students are keeping up with the work load. To help prevent a poor outcome in participation go over the work more than once despite if every student knows it. Another method to boost student participation is to create a discussion in the class that intrigues everyone. Or ask a question and have the students write their answers on a piece a paper to share with the class. If a student gets a question wrong tactfully correct the answer so the student will not feel discouraged to participate in class. Most students that do not participate in class are just shy and are afraid of asking a dumb question. There is no such thing as a dumb question in the …show more content…
There are a lot of obstacles when it comes to teaching a class. However, the goal is to make sure the students are learning and having fun. Teachers should love learning as well, since teachers always learn from their students. There are thousands upon thousands of teaching philosophies in the world. All these teaching philosophies are very successful in a special way. Each philosophy has tons of data and information on the success rate and productivity. Even to this day there are new teaching philosophies being created. This philosophy can be very helpful to some teachers, it all depends on the teacher’s style of

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