Five Educational Philosophies Of Education

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All teachers have their own personal philosophy that shape the way they teach. Teacher led philosophies of education are different compared to student led philosophies of education. We see the difference by looking at five major educational philosophies. I’ll begin with essentialism and perennialism which are both teacher led philosophies that tend to be more conservative and authoritarian. They don’t take students interest into consideration during lessons they only focus on teaching the essential core curriculum for example languages, science, mathematics, history and foreign languages. They believe all students should achieve high standards in their education, they assess their students’ achievements with test scores. If the students …show more content…
It is based largely on the belief that lessons must be relevant to the students in order for them to learn. Progressivist school curriculum is built around the personal experiences, interests, and needs of the students. Students play a large role in making a difference about their education. They can decide on a theme within a category and develop questions within that topic. What do they already know? What would they like to know? How would they like to learn? The teachers then provide experiences and environments for students to develop educationally. They truly believe students learn by doing. The students are taught to live fully now and not to worry about adult life as much. Progressivist school truly believe it’s fundamental to teach them problem solving strategies and how to progress and cope with …show more content…
Social reconstructivism is separated from progressivism because they desire a more direct and immediate attention socially. The curriculum is focused on student experiences and takes social action against problems. Social reconstructivism is a teacher led school that takes control in changing or reconstructing society. Teachers teach their students how to conform to society and how to be socially by bringing the community into the classroom. Teachers critically analyze world event, explore controversial issues, develop vision for new and better world and promote programs of cultural renewal in class. The teachers also develop socially as society changes daily. Education needs to be relevant to the time in society for example technology. Classrooms have been filled with computers for years but now as technology has evolved students learn through classroom interaction with iPad. Homework are now online where the teacher asks a question or writes a statement and students can reply and discuss online. This method helps children develop their self-esteem and

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