My Educational Leadership Philosophy

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Leadership is the ability to encourage the followers to do their best to accomplish the main common target. As Dwight D.Eisenhower says: “Leadership: the art of getting someone else to do something you want done because he wants to do it”. Being an educator I believe that the main target of all educational organizations is educating students who are the future leaders of the society. As in quote from Tom Peters, he states that “leaders don’t create followers, they create more leaders” So we, as leaders and educators are responsible to provide learners with cognitive development and evaluative skills of knowledge.
My philosophy of Educational Leadership is based on students’ academic personal and ethical grow obtaining their full capacity under my guidance as an mentor and a teacher. Professional teachers should facilitate quality learning and equip learners with necessary life
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As a teacher develops and turns into a confident educator she is able to motivate and inspire her students. So, the energy of learning is rising up and everyone is eager to engage into active learning. To demonstrate the active learning teachers should show enthusiasm and belief in students abilities to learn and achieve the goal.
The core values of my teaching philosophy is based on the theory of progressivism by American educator John Dewey, who believes that democracy in schools will bring up better educated citizens. In progressive classroom students are more centralized, so teachers try to plan interesting lesson for active learning. To engage students into active learning individual needs of students are considered. The learning takes place by problem solving, discussion and critical thinking working on different projects and activities, the students interact and learn from one

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