Personal Statement In School Psychology

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Baylor Personal Statement

I could hear conversation coming from inside the room. Confused and eager, I positioned myself behind the door. Why was no one excited? The faint murmur of the next sentence cut straight through my heart, “Due to the lack of oxygen during your son’s birth, there is a high probability of him developing disorders during his childhood.” This couldn’t be happening to my baby brother. I had waited months to finally hold him, and now I had to wait a few more weeks, until he was all better, to finally do so. At that heartbreaking moment, little did I know that this would become the beacon in my journey leading me into the field of School Psychology.
At just 15 years old, this devastating news developed my genuine desire
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While it was the reminder of the possibility of my brother developing disabilities in his later life that developed my interest in School Psychology, it is truly the heart-warming experiences of making a difference in these children’s lives that has secured my passion for School Psychology. As a School Psychologist, I want to be able to continue helping children succeed academically, emotionally and behaviorally. My experiences with providing interventions and being an asset in creating a supportive learning environment, as well as strengthening the collaboration between the home, school, and community, established my aspiration to continue helping individuals’ increase their overall achievement in school.[a] Through further training and education at Baylor, my career as a School Psychologist will allow me to target a larger range of students and help guide them toward the path to success. Baylor University will be able to provide me with the best education and experience with the vast opportunities offered by the …show more content…
Eric Robinson, I learned that my professional, academic, and personal experiences are a great fit for the School Psychology program. The lack of ethnic diversity amongst School Psychologists often creates a barrier between psychologist and client, as minority students are likely to have negative race-related experiences that hinder their ability to focus academically. The South Asian culture in which I was brought up in shuns mental disabilities as temporary and unreal. This led to my understanding that minorities are often misunderstood as culture plays an important role in an individual’s academic success. My personal understanding as a minority myself allows me to connect with children and their families on a deeper level making me an asset to Baylor’s Costa Rica study abroad opportunity, as well as other minority students I work with in the long

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