I Am A Teenage Werewolf Poem Analysis

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Intro: Almost every teenager goes through a phase of which they feel abandoned, dejected, and invisible. To me, this poem suggests the author may be writing about a teenage girl, although it could refer to either a girl or boy. In this poem, “I Am a Teenage Werewolf”, poet Jennifer Taken reveals the hidden depressive thoughts and feelings of many teenagers.

Paragraph 1: Author, Jennifer Taken, compares a werewolf, vampire, and monster to a teenager who is depressed. Throughout this poem, Taken consistently uses a metaphor to describe the girl as a werewolf, a vampire, or a monster. I believe she uses those terms for the connotation that they give off. They are then seen as frightening, dark, and mysterious. In the beginning of the poem,
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Many times, teenager will experience depression or any sort of sadness that seems to fully engulf their bodies and mind. Besides the fact that Jennifer Taken is comparing this girl to something frightening, she clearly makes sure that the reader understands that this girl is in a depressive like state. In line 8-9, “Waiting for that one something/ That will bring my world into the light”, she is expressing herself by saying she searching for the ligh. Her body is surrounded by darkness. She is broken and wistful, and she is waiting for somebody to bring her life into the light, which is a symbol for happiness and love. Line 18 says, “The one that has no meaning”. That sentence is very strong. It is full of emotion. Full of depression, sadness, and hurtful thoughts. There are many different reasons as to why this girl may be feeling this way, but this poem comes off as though she was once bullied or abused by …show more content…
Throughout the poem, Jennifer Taken is constantly comparing this girl to a different type of monster. In line 22 it says, “I am a teenage vampire”, so in this next paragraph, she uses that metaphor to say she is a vampire. “Of this I am quite sure/ Because when I gaze into a mirror/ I don’t even see myself.” Physically, as a vampire, you can’t see yourself in a mirror. She is upset about that because why out all people can she not even see herself? Metaphorically, as this teenage girl, she can’t see where her happiness, dignity, laughter, and life went. She can still literally see herself when she look into the mirror, but she feels as though she no longer looks the same. She isn’t the same person anymore because she has lost some of the most important characteristics that make you who you are as a person. Everytime she may look into the mirror she might see tears rolling down her cheeks, or see tiredness. She is physically tired. She may rather just sleep all day, to avoid feeling more invisible than what she already is. But she may also be tired of the lies, the abuse, and all the negativity her mind seems to be consumed in. In this poem, the writer is always using the phrase, “you do not see me” such as line 11 and 16. Jennifer Taken is consistently pointing out her being

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