Advertising Analysis: True Religion Brand Jeans

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Advertisements are known to have hidden meanings within them. The product being sold, whether it is clothes, food, or cars, have an underlying message that reflects the advertiser’s attention and the consumer’s ideals. In the advertisement I analyzed on True Religion Brand Jeans, the advertisement depicts a black and white photograph of an attractive male and female model on a motorcycle in the desert to which the female model is looking out into the distance with her head turned away from the camera while the male model is looking directly to the camera, indicating he is the focal point of the advertisement. On the side of the models, the phrase “True Religion Brand Jeans – The True American” is placed in big, bold lettering. In addition, …show more content…
When dealing with male models, men usually expect the model to be masculine, dominant, and independent. Women, however, expect the male model to be handsome, romantic, sensitive and sexually appealing (Craig, “Men’s Men”). In the True Religion advertisement, the male model is seen as a young, rugged “bad boy” who seems to be the focus because he is staring directly at the camera. It shows that he is in control, dominant in the photograph, and appealing. With the female model, men seek the women who are physically attractive, sexually attractive, and lusting after men (Craig, “Men’s Men”). Men see a woman like this as an object that represents “sex without commitment.” Similar to men, women view female models as someone who needs to be appealing to men, be the ideal woman for a man (innocent, “good girl,”), and be the man’s “attraction” (Craig, “Men’s Men”). Women in advertisements are based off a patriarchal society and are suppose to be based off the standards of men. The female model in the advertisement is seen behind the male model facing away from the camera. She is portrayed as an object of appeal to the man and to the advertisement. She seems to be placed in the advertisement because of her beauty with no purpose. Because she faces way from the camera, it indicates she is the submissive and supporting character to the male model. If the female model were to be the focus of the advertisement, it would emasculate the male model and make him appeal weak which may threaten the patriarchal

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