College Essay On Insomnia

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What is insomnia? Insomnia is a sleeping disorder that causes one to lose a substantial amount of sleep. It is also described as having extreme difficulties falling asleep and staying asleep. Some hypothesize that insomnia is an outcome of someone 's work schedule or lifestyle (National Alliance on Mental Health). Insomnia can affect a person in a variety of ways. A person can speculate that they are experiencing insomnia if the symptoms are prevalent.
Some causes of insomnia are known, however, scientists continue to be puzzled about the root cause of many cases of this disorder. There is a very broad range of how insomnia is caused. According to the National Alliance on Mental Health, many professionals believe that insomnia is caused by high levels of stress. When left unmanaged, stress can trigger the symptoms associated with insomnia. Although many believe this, others would argue that depression and anxiety are also major components that have an affect on a person’s sleeping habits (National Alliance on Mental Health). People who experience extreme stress, anxiety or depression tend to notice symptoms of insomnia which affects the sleep pattern of one’s body and can later lead to an insomnia diagnosis.
People who believe they have insomnia should be tested and diagnosed by a medical specialist. There
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As time goes on, many people are diagnosed with insomnia and there is not an actual cure for it. Treatment for insomnia varies depending on the person, but there are numerous treatments that can be used to help reduce the effects. Over the counter or prescription medication like Sleep Aid, ZzzQuil, and Unisom may be prescribed or recommended to help you fall asleep. Insomnia affects the body both physically and mentally leaving the victim tired and sometimes

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