Persuasive Essay On Insomnia

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Insomnia is a disorder where one loses the ability to sleep. Individuals that suffer from insomnia find it very difficult to either fall asleep and/or stay asleep throughout the night. “The National Institute of Health estimates that roughly 30 percent of the general population complains of sleep disruption and approximately 10 percent have associated symptoms” (“What Is”. (n.d.) para. 5). Insomnia can affect people of all ages but is most commonly associated with adult females rather than adult males. Studies have also shown that insomnia is found in women with children rather than adults without children.
Some symptoms of insomnia include difficulty falling or staying asleep, daytime fatigue or sleepiness, poor concentration, and increased
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Behavioral and lifestyle changes can dramatically help prevent insomnia. Some lifestyle habits are so common that they are overlooked as possible contributors to insomnia. Good sleep habits, or sleep hygiene, can help you get a good night sleep with insomnia. Arranging a set sleep schedule trains your body to sleep and wake up at a set time each day, even on weekends. Taking naps during the day makes it more difficult to sleep at night. Naps should be limited to 30 minutes and should be before 3 p.m. Regular exercise can also improve symptoms of insomnia. Being more active during the day may allow the body to be less restless during the evening making it easier to sleep. Setting the tone in the bedroom is a great way to ensure better sleep. Dark curtains lets for little or no light. A fan or open window keeps the room cool and could block out any extra noise or possible distractions. Relaxation training, or progressive muscle relaxation, helps calm the body and induce sleep. Comprehensive treatments including herbal medicines, homeopathy, vitamin and mineral supplements, life style changes, improved sleep hygiene, relation, behavioral therapy, meditation, diet, exercise, hypnosis, acupuncture, guided imagery, and massage therapy have all been used as alternative methods for treating

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