What Is Insomnia?

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Sophia yells “I can’t fall asleep.” Her mom says to herself “here we go again”. It is one those night that her nine year old is standing by her mother 's bedside late at night because she having trouble falling asleep. As her mother ask what’s wrong, Sophia responds that she cannot stop thinking about what happened today. Although Sophia start over think everything from to what happened in school, and to what was on the news that day this is one of the most common symptoms for insomnia. Sophia hasn’t not been to any doctor or taken any medication to help her fall asleep, although Sophia is only nine years-old she is one of 60 million people who suffer from a sleeping disorder. (Lamont, Renee T.)

Sophia’s story is no different that other
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Insomnia is a sleeping disorder that has an obvious symptoms such inability to fall or stay asleep. While they’re awake sufferers feel as if they have a lack of energy. (National Sleep Foundation). One of the main causes could be by the amount of stress someone encounters in their life. Stress can affect someone in a variety of ways, but it can also have a negative effect on the brain. By looking at someone’s brain scans that has insomnia, doctors can see their structure has completely changed compared to a normal one (Hessel). Since insomnia cause someone to have lack of sleep, the brain is unable to fully recover as a result slowly the brain structure begins to shrink. By reading about Sophia sleeping condition this shows that insomnia can affect any age, but insomnia is most commonly found in adults. (Lamont, Rnees T.) Learning the basic of insomnia, is it’s also important to learn the different types. Typically people think of insomnia as more disorder, few know that there are a variety of different types of insomnia that affect so many across the …show more content…
As for transient insomnia is one which affect many across the country, and one of the less severe cases. Adjustment sleep disorder also another term used to in the medical field also. A trigger that could be something as an an extreme extent of losing a loved one or for an exam the next day. According to a study done on Canadian children by East California University found that there was a connection between children that have transient insomnia ended up affecting how they perform in the classroom, resulting them to perform negatively. By not being able to focus during classes because of lack of sleep that they received the previous night (Everhart, D. Erik 133-148). Even though sometime events that occur in our lives will lead to insomnia women that are going through menstruation, pregnancy, and or menopause has been also linked to be a factor in having a lack of sleep. During this time period women’s hormones are imbalanced causes them to have these symptoms of insomnia. However it’s not always our health that causes to be unable to sleep, but for people who travel constantly for their occupation have suffered from insomnia also. Since of the time zone change so rapidly from where they currently live, enabling them to get their bodies to adjust

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