Nursing assistant skills

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  • Personal Ethical Stance Analysis

    expressed – whether I tend to agree or not. As mentioned before, as someone that is categorized by Jewish, Christian, and Muslim Ethics, I believe in the importance of treating others just as I would want to be treated. Therefore, when I previously worked as a Certified Nursing Assistant, I ensured that I cared for all the residents in a way that I believed to constituted as respectfulness. After all, had the roles been reversed and if I had been in their position, I would ask for the same type of care that I had provided. However, while I worked with this idea as my principle work virtue, I noticed that other co-workers were not doing the same. Therefore, as someone whose actions and words are dictated by the idea to do unto others as you would have them do unto you, this struck a nerve as I was unable to come to terms that other people could treat other humans so poorly. Thus, I felt the need to say something as per my ethical stance, I cannot watch harm unjustly administered to those that are not in a state to defend or protect themselves. As a Certified Nursing Assistant, I had worked under the license of a Registered Nurse and was required to report any incidents about other Certified Nursing Assistants to them. Therefore, when I noticed the actions that needed to be quickly resolved to protect the resident, I immediately addressed my concerns with my Registered Nurse counterpart. However, when the Registered Nurse did nothing about my concerns, I went directly…

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  • The Importance Of Reading And Writing: The Road To Success

    I know with a little help from my teachers, support from my family, and determination towards myself, I was on my way to fluently speak and understand the medical dictionary. After three rigorous years of high school, the first day of senior year was finally upon me. However, my schedule wasn’t the typical walk in the park, in fact it wasn’t even at my own high school. This year I would be attending Grace Davis high school for my first two periods of class due to the ROP Medical…

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  • Communication Barriers In A Nursing Home

    Being a certified nursing assistant (CNA) for elderly comes with many challenges, and I didn’t discover this until after did my clinical at a nursing home. There, I observed many opportunities for learning and growth in long-term care. With the permission of my instructor, I explored around and had a little time to communicate with the senior citizens. I continued to make observations and found that communicating with the elderly presents difficulties that impact the CNA’s ability to implement…

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  • Personal Narrative: Brandon Daniel Arios

    movies and or television. My dad and I do not really communicate a lot after he closed his business: Arioso Construction Inc. In December of 2014. Moreover, I spend a lot of time with Brooke Taylor, to me she is my best-friend, lover, girl-friend and the mother of my son, Adrian Ray Taylor whom is now two years old as of November, 2014. Brooke and I have grown up with each-other since we were both about eleven years old. We have seen each-other with other people and put each-other through a lot…

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  • Nursing Home Observation Paper

    An assisted living facility, or nursing home, is a long term senior care option that provides personal care services to geriatric or injured patients. Assisted living communities provide basic medical monitoring as well as activities of daily living (ADLs). For this field work assignment, I visited ManorCare Health Services, an assisted living and rehab facility located in Towson, MD. This specific location specializes in ensuring vital medical care and rehabilitation in a warm and caring…

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  • The Ethics Of Caring In Nursing

    deserving of this kind of trust? Do they really have the skills to truly take care of their patients or is their certification merely an illusion? While many people believe main medical professionals such as nurses or doctors are qualified, there have been questions as to whether or not the average certified nursing assistant (CNA)…

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  • Health Science Personal Statement

    fields such as business management. Along with this, I took more specific courses such as medical terminology. That is when my door opened to the Health Sciences. When I took medical terminology I thought it was just another step in my path to find out a possible future. I had no idea that this was it; this is what occupied my attention and now is my primary focus of every day. Before medical terminology, I did not have a very good idea of how the human body worked. This class reintroduced me…

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  • Benefits Of Nursing Assistants

    NURSING ASSISTANTS: CARING FOR OTHERS There are many jobs in the world, but one that will always be needed is nursing assistants. To be a nursing assistant, a person must have compassion and a desire to help people. It is not an easy job, but it can be very rewarding. As the baby boom population ages, the need for nursing assistants is increasing. Some important things to know about this job are educational training, work activities, and work conditions. Educational Training and Abilities A…

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  • Colorado Christian Reflection Paper

    is a student at a different online university. See back in 2001 I had just Graduated High School from a Christian high school in Anchorage, Alaska. So my church at the time wanted to try and start a Bible College and so I attended one year of it with many struggles because I still was not yet strong in my Christianity of maturity. So I then made many bad choices. That was a time in life of living both sides of the fence which at the beginning of the second year of the bible college I was asked…

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  • The Certified Nurse Assistant

    research and data that scientists or doctors do to increase awareness speed is becoming an issue now rather than an advantage. There must be an adequate knowledge management. Today this is now looking to make research sources are more reliable and not manipulated by anyone with a computer and information distortion you. It is important that a responsible culture to younger continue with their studies and not leaving the classroom and more especially of diffusion is what really is the value of…

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