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  • Nursing Health Assessment

    INTRODUCTION Nursing health assessment can be define as the assessment carried out by health professionals such as nurses in any medical field to identify the sickness or any problem faced by an individual who is seeking for health care. Another definition can be the “collection of data about an individual’s health state” (Jarvis, 2008, pg; 2). The main purpose of undertaking nursing assessment is to make judgments and diagnosis about the individual’s health state or maximum level of health and wellness. Along with that, it also allows the nurse to collect the data for the client. Assessment is further divided into two perspectives which distinguish the identity and the roles of any professional worker and they are: nursing health assessment…

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  • Nursing Process Assessment

    3. Plan Mr. FD’s case using the nursing process Nursing Process Application to situation Nursing Assessment In Orem’s theory, determining the need for nursing agency and nursing system are important. Since Mr. FD is hospitalized, nursing system is needed. Using the Orem’s theory as a guide in nursing assessment the nurse will ask the following questions: 1. Is there a deficit between Mr. FD’s self-care abilities and his demand for self-care? • In the case of Mr. FD, YES, self-care deficit is…

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  • Self Assessment In Nursing Education

    Self-Assessment This paper presents a self-assessment based on the National League for Nursing’s Core Competencies of Nurse Educators (NLN, 2007a, 2007b). These eight competencies are organized according to Boyer’s (1990) Model of Scholarship. This paper includes self-assessment findings completed as part of Grand Canyon University’s (GCU) nursing education seminar course, Georgia Baptist College of Nursing of Mercer University’s (GBCON-MU) knowledge and theory development in nursing course,…

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  • Strengths-Based Assessment In Nursing

    This essay comprises of a strengths based assessment which was conducted in a stroke rehabilitation facility. Names throughout have been changed to maintain privacy of the client. Mike (pseudonym) was admitted after he suffered from a hemorrhagic stroke. Planning care was conducted in collaboration with Mike to utilise strengths in order to gain a desired outcome when planning his care. The strengths assessment used relates accordingly to competencies 3.1 and 3.2 within interpersonal…

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  • The Importance Of Public Health Nursing Assessment

    Upon completing the Public Health Nursing Assessment Tool (PHNAT) on the town of Poultney, Vermont the issue that stuck out as a risk to the residents was the lack of safety measures. This risk became apparent in the social determinants section of the PHNAT under the law enforcement section. This paper will go through the nursing process systematically in order to show this is a risk to the town, diagnose the risk, plan the intervention, implement the intervention and lastly, evaluate how the…

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  • Reflection On The NA401 Foundation Skills For Nursing Assessment

    As part of the NA401 Foundation Skills for Nursing assessment, I undertook a clinical simulation of 10 minutes and was required to assess and record the patient’s vital signs Pulse and Respiration. Vital Sign are fundamental part of practice care, as it can direct the body’s ability on maintaining they natural function , they are essential in revealing any changes that could give indication of clinical deterioration of the patient state. I have used the Observation Chart for the national Early…

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  • Giger And Davidhizar's Transcultural Nursing Assessment Model

    Assessing Gier and Davihizar’s Transcultural Model Giger and Davidhizar’s Transcultural Nursing Assessment model has become an important framework for nurses to provide optimal care to patients who are culturally diverse. This framework was created as a response to the need for nursing students in an undergraduate program who needed to provide care for patients with different backgrounds. This model uses six components a nurse should assess for regarding the unique culture of each person.…

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  • Nursing: The Giger And Davidhizar Transcultural Assessment Model

    The end of life stage for those with a Buddhist cultural background is a beautiful transition into their next physical state. Based on their beliefs and values, the end of life process is peaceful and has minimal suffering involved. The Giger and Davidhizar Transcultural Assessment Model is a great tool for nurses to use when it comes to caring for patients of a different culture. This paper takes that model and applies it to Buddhism and how a nurse can care for a Buddhist patient at the end of…

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  • NU 333-01: Physical Assessment For The Nursing Professional

    Michaela P. Capulong NU 333-01: Physical Assessment for the Nursing Professional July 5, 2015 Journal 8 Performing a thorough examination and well-document neurological assessments are integral part of nursing care. The sequence of neurological examination is: mental status, cranial nerves, motor system, sensory system, and reflexes (Jarvis, 2012). A nurse should be a keen observer to recognize abnormal changes of patients. I agree, organize and simplify assessments could help nurses perform…

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  • Giger And Davidhizar's Transcultural Nursing Assessment Analysis

    Giger and Davidhizar’s Transcultural Nursing Assessment Framework: Analysis of Pregnancy and Birth in the Jewish Culture Introduction The Jewish culture is one that nurses may encounter when caring for patients throughout their career. Joyce Giger and Ruth Davidhizar created the Transcultural Nursing Assessment Framework to help nurses assess patients using their culture as a starting consideration. It breaks it down into six components to consider when analyzing cultures to help with nursing…

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