Nursing Process Assessment

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3. Plan Mr. FD’s case using the nursing process

Nursing Process Application to situation
Nursing Assessment In Orem’s theory, determining the need for nursing agency and nursing system are important. Since Mr. FD is hospitalized, nursing system is needed. Using the Orem’s theory as a guide in nursing assessment the nurse will ask the following questions:
1. Is there a deficit between Mr. FD’s self-care abilities and his demand for self-care?
• In the case of Mr. FD, YES, self-care deficit is present because self-care agency is inadequate as manifested by the following data: o 55 years old, male, educated (policeman) o Married but separated from wife and three adult children o Diagnosed of COPD, both emphysema and chronic bronchitis o Having
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Assess the respiration and oxygen status of Mr. FD.
b. Explain the importance of oxygen support to improve breathing and antibiotic therapy to fight existing infection.
c. Demonstrate proper deep breathing exercise and explain the effect of sitting position in lung expansion and improve breathing.
d. Provide physical support when needed and inform family members of Mr. FD’s condition if he allows to do so.
e. Emphasized to Mr. FD the need of family support in his present health condition
f. Altered the environment that support Mr. FD’s achievement of self-care requisites.
g. Educate Mr. FD about COPD, how to manage it and ways to improve his health despite of his chronic conditions.
Evaluation Orem’s theory emphasized the need of maintaining self-care requisites to achieve health. Self-care simply means individualized care. Orem’s evaluation of care given are divided into formative evaluation and summative evaluation. As I understood, formative evaluation more focus on the short term goal. Evaluating the effect of the nursing intervention given to move the patient to a more independent self-care nursing system. Evaluation of the effect of nursing interventions are as
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Explain Mr.FD situation using Neuman’s System Model. Explain using the concepts of the theory. The theory of Neuman deals with the comprehensive view of the client, its stress and reaction to stress and appropriate nursing interventions to be implemented in such situations to reach the optimal stability. Neuman (2002) describe optimal stability as the highest possible health condition achievable by the client at a given point in time. In the case of Mr. FD, the line of resistance is compromised due to physical and psychosocial stresses in his life. Illness sets in and nursing intervention is a requirement in Mr. FD present condition. Need to strengthen the core and improve the line of resistance so that Mr. FD can move to healthier state.

7. Devise a health assessment tool for Mr. FD’s condition, using any of the chosen theory as framework for the tool. HEALTH ASSESSMENT TOOL: Patient Details
Name Mr.

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