Disputes Between Nurse To Nurse Report

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For the course of my conflict resolution paper, I have chosen the conflict that arises between nurse to nurse report, to be specific an occasion that presented itself was a nurse was calling report to nurse in the unit the nurse on the unit wanted orders to be carried out that were specified as admit orders the 2 nurses got into heated argument on the issue of what was needed urgently compared to what was needed to have the patient accepted for transported to unit. The patient was a stable cardiac patient the heparin .nitro were started and the blood pressure was hyper tensive at 190 systolic the unit nurse stated that the blood pressure had to be controlled prior to transport and the emergency room nurse stated that it was being controlled …show more content…
When staff does not understand the roles of other staff this can very stressful for the individual and does affect work”. this is described by the floor nurse and emergency room nurse role expectation ,unit nurse wanting a blood pressure addressed and emergency room nurse stated that it was addressed, which led to the competencies or inadequate of.it also is a interpersonal conflict which is shown as ( Finkelman, p, 361) “ due to differences and/or personalities, competition, or concern about territory, control, or loss” . It is interpersonal due to neither want to budge on the blood pressure issue. Both with strong personalities and each knowing their territory and not wanting to lose …show more content…
When conflict arises then managers and staff need to understand conflict management issues and strategies”. As nurse managers need to oversee the need to decrease conflict, meet the needs of the patient, make sure the staff are positive about how the conflict was handled and that the workplace will be productive. Using different methods prior to the conflict, and understanding how those concepts, will lead to that expected positive outcome with staff. First is to empower the staff, let them be part of the decision making process regarding policies that involve, say blood pressure parameters in the ICU patient, and appropriate transfer times when that goal is met ,( Finklema, p, 365) “ recognizing that one’s participation is accepted makes a difference. True empowerment gives the staff the right to choose how to address issues with the manager”.Tthe nurse manger also need to be able to recognize staff that present with passive and aggressive behaviors, and be able to address those individuals prior to a conflict arising( Finkelman , p, 366) “aggressive and passive aggressive behavior can interfere with successful conflict resolution and might even be the cause of the conflict”. A great nurse manager or a qualified department leader should be available for these types of issues, first to empower and collaborate with staff in

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