Case Study Nursing Ethics

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Nursing Ethics
Nurses are obligated to have moral courage and to make ethical decisions daily, which is not easy to do. According to Vicki D. Lachman, moral courage is the individual’s capacity to overcome fear and stand up for his or her core vales and ethical obligations (Lachman, 2007). ANA stands for American Nurses Association; ANA developed the Code of Ethics for Nurses. "The code of ethics is the philosophical ideals of right and wrong that define the principles you will use to provide care to your patients" (Potter, Perry, Stockert, Hall, 2013, p. 4). Which nurses use as a guide to carry out nursing responsibilities. The ANA’s Code of Ethics will be used to analyze each case study. In the following paragraphs four case studies will
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Our patients should always be our main priority. The ANA 's Code of Ethics (2015), states that patients have a right to self-determination. This mean that they have the right to decide what types of treatments they want. We as nurses have the obligation to educate the patient; therefore they can make be best knowledgeable decision. This includes but is not limited to a DNR, life-sustaining therapy, treatments, and/or procedures (American Nurses Association, 2015, p. 8). This case study is a great example of that principle. Mr. T, an 82-year-old patient tells his nurse that he wants "no heroics" and he is "ready to die" (Lachman, 2007). Mr. T also commented to the nurse that his son was aware of his wishes regarding his care. While the nurse was gathering the necessary documentation to discuss DNR status with the physician and his son, Mr. T went into cardiac arrest. His son is emotional and demands the staff do not let him die. As a result, Mr. T is placed on a ventilator (Lachman, 2007). If I was that nurse in this situation I would have had Mr. T write it on a piece of paper and sing it. I know it would not be consider legal but at least I have something to prove that he did stated those last wishes to me. I …show more content…
In this case study a preceptor is bullying a new graduate. During shift report, she makes sarcastic comments regarding the “inability of university-educated nurses to recognize the basic” and informed the nurse manager “that new graduates are a danger to patients” (Lachman, 2007). It is really important to have a family like environment at work. We want every employee to feel wanted and happy to come to work. Most especially to feel that she/he has coworkers that will help she/he to become a better nurse and to feel that you have support of your coworkers incase of an emergency. As nurses we should always keep in mind that we were all new graduates at one point in our life and that we have all made mistakes. The importance of making a mistake is to recognize it and act as quickly as possible to fix the mistake. In this case, being bullied as a new graduate could possibly cause her to rethink her career choice. According to provision 1.5, staff must maintain respectful relationships with colleagues and others (ANA, 2015, p. 10). It is really important for coworkers to trust and respect each, if not, this could hinder the care of patients. Teamwork in nursing is really important; it will make or break your day, unity is essential. Disrespect will most likely result in little to no teamwork, and create a hostile environment. Melissa developed a plan to stand up for herself by asking if her

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