The Importance Of Ethical Dilemmas In Nursing

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As nurses, we sometimes get ourselves in situations whether or not to respect the client’s wishes when they are against the medical orders for care. In Burkhardt and Nathaniel (2014), ethical dilemmas are when there are conflicting morals happening with a patient. To help guide the nurses, ethical dilemmas require them to think critically about situations and figure out the appropriate decision to create the best outcome for their patient and patient’s family. According to Murray (2010), nurses require moral courage, which requires to them to stand up for what they believe in when it comes to providing the safest and ethically care for a patient. No matter how a situation conflicts with an ethical aspect, being able to speak up for the patient …show more content…
The main issue with Mike’s situation is that he’s an adolescent and wants to make a huge decision on his life while being a minor. With Mike being a minor, his parents are the ones who ultimately make the final decision of his care which needs to be respected.
Personal Values
People are brought up to have values and to stand up for what they may believe in. Values help shape individuals to develop from educational, environmental, and familial influences. Personal values play a big role for nurses when it comes to making the appropriate for dilemmas or situations and abiding by their values in making ethical decisions.
In Burkhardt and Nathaniel (2014, p.530), the right for human dignity, “implies the rights of patients to full disclosure and self-determination regarding participation in research and in making health care choices”. Being a minor and wanting to make their own decisions on the care being given is different when the parents want the opposite of those wishes. With Mike’s healthcare team and his parents, it’s important to listen to him and respect his wishes and include him in his care. This plays a big role in how to handle this situation but not only thinking about Mike’s wishes, it’s important for the healthcare team and nurses must respect the parents wants for Mike’s to continue his chemotherapy treatments. Mike is 15 years old and his parents and nurses need to see him as one person. Only Mike knows his body the best and being able to listen to both sides and picking the best outcome for

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