Ethical And Moral Issues In Nursing

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Nurses are faced with many ethical and moral issues on day by day basis. Moral, ethical, and legal issues are common in the work environment and vary from patient to patient. As a nurse leader, one must be able to take leadership responsibility to address the ethical issues that nurses face. Determining the framework to assist nursing in dealing with ethical issues is important. It is important to remember that ethical frameworks are intended to help leaders solve ethical dilemmas by clarifying personal values and beliefs (Marquis & Huston, 2015). The purpose of this paper introduces conceptual framework for dealing with issues, describe an ethical or moral issue encountered in my nursing environment and how to address the issue and identify …show more content…
The problem with this is not that the patient is having a miscarriage. As a nurse we the responsibility to care for any woman that present to the emergency room with this type of emergencies. The part that becomes a moral and ethical dilemma for me is, when they have an elective abortion, take medication to induce an abortion because of the lack of care during sexual activity. Ethical and moral questions that can arise from this situation would be how does the nurse deal or care for a patient who has had an abortion who considers abortion as …show more content…
Nurses encounter a serious amount of ethical problems when providing patient care that can lead to ethics–related stress. Ethical-related stress is an occupational stress that is emotional, physical, and psychological consequences of moral distress (Ulrich, et al., 2007). It is a general assumption that nurse leaders should provide ethical training to other staff in need by demonstrating the ethical practice and providing ethical support as well. Even when frontline nurses assume the role of leaders to enhance ethical practices, their actions to build a moral community amongst nurses cannot be sustained if they are unsupported by their formal nurse managers (Storch, Makaroff, Pauly, & Newton, 2013). The leadership style that I would use to implement effective, ethical leadership would be transformational leadership. Transformational leadership leaders show and lead their followers to higher morals by showing their peers how to do the right thing for the right person, treat patients with care and compassion, encourage members to be creative and innovative and inspire them with their vision of success (Marquis & Huston, 2015). Being able to lead by example will show staff the commitment that the leader has to make change possible within the

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