Observations And Experiences In Nursing Leadership

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Observations and Reflections
The nurse leader I worked with that I will described was a manager who was brought into our staffing office to insure our in-house agency was correctly maintaining our staff records and to teach the staff the correct way to do this. DS was a BSN trained nurse with 20 years of nursing experience with the majority of this time in the ER as staff nurse. DS had been a manager for AAS a staffing agency that was very large and assisted in staffing in the Houston Texas area as well as providing staff to different areas of the country in times of disasters, making sure the staff had the correct credentials and training to do this. Her director allowed her to assume most of the directional management of the entire office
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She just suddenly appeared and we had no idea why. The director was inefficient, not a nurse but a finance person. This turned out to be a major problem. During the aftermath of Hurricane Ike our agency was in peril of continuing and this person MK proposed a trial period to resume the previous staffing responsibilities and used her finance knowledge to convince upper management to reopen our office and they rewarded her with director position. MK’s neglect in informing any of the staff of her assistance, DS was thrown into an office of suspicion and mistrust.
Leadership style and experiences
The leadership style DS used was transformational leadership, (Sullivan, 2013, pp. 42-45). In the beginning of her tenure she observed the staff, watched the interactions and responsibilities of each, and researched the history of the office, how it was functioning, and what was necessary to change the record keeping into a compliant status.
The changes DS was making was to introduce changes to move forward motivating and educating the staff in a common cause, a functioning efficient staffing unit that meets the requirements of the facility policies, and the records to prove
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At one time I thought that I would like to be the Nurse Manager in our office as I filled in when we didn’t have one. I was the Assistant Manager and later promoted to Program Manager. I assumed I would be ready for the promotion to nurse manager until DS arrived. DS was the professional, directed, and focused leader that I had not become at that point. I learned a tremendous amount about what management required and the time and training it involved. The Director would have allowed me to assume the position while I worked on my BSN as I had my and previous experience as an Assistant Manager. I would have struggled in adapting to the responsibilities it would encompass. I am a strong recruiter, educator and disciplinarian but was not focused and determined at that time and not sure I am at this point either to be a strong nurse manager. With the experience I had then and now I don’t know that I would want the position. Always being on call was draining in my position and would only increase with the added responsibilities as well as attending numerous meetings. My strength lies with recruitment, developing new staff, personal contact with employees, reeducating staff and discipline as necessary. The meetings involved in the management was not something I enjoyed as many seemed redundant and without focus with everyone inputting without suggestions of improvement. I am a problem solver and the time it took with all the committees

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