Autobiographical Autobiography Essay

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Autobiographical Literacy Reading serves the purpose of letting you get into the world or the event that is describing the authors in its writing. For many people reading is fascinating and for many other is just awful, for me, reading is just like another activity I could do in my free time when it relates to my likes. Writing is a complicated as it is to have the correct grammar usage and punctuation, which are essential to an excellent essay. Personally, reading is not a big deal for me but writing is hard I really dislike the fact that I have to write essays for school and it is really hard for me to put all the ideas together and get to work on essays. I remember I learned to read when I was 5 years old and I learned to read at …show more content…
Because when I read I am learning grammar, new words, correct structure sentences, etc. and I have realized that in college I cannot have the same techniques I used to have when I was in school, here is a lot different and harder that’s why I have set up some goals for these years at college. I also know that all these reading and writing activities are going to be part of my whole life because whenever I start working as a chemical engineering my bosses are going to ask for reports of how everything is going so far. So I have planned to get to read more that what I read so I can have a better grammar and correct usage of conjugations for verbs, correct structure sentence, I have also planned to go to the writing center any time I need help with essays or when I need them to check if my grammar is okay. I going to use all the resources college offers me like reading clubs, the tutoring center, writing center, the library and all the books that tell you how to write a good essay. Hopefully whenever I finish college I will be able to tell I have improved my writing skills, and that reading will still be one of my free time activities and that writing is not anymore a headache for me. I know I will accomplish this goals if I stay focus in my studies and do my best every time from now

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