My Definition Of Literacy Narrative

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Literacy Narrative
What is Literacy?Google defines literacy as “the ability to read and write.” Literacy plays a major role in our everyday lives, writing our essays that are due within two days, writing a post on facebook, reading a text message, etc. Everyone experiences literacy in a different way, some experience a struggle, not being able to comprehend the purpose of literacy or avoiding it. and others thrive in it. My experience was somewhat neutral due to the fact that as a child I loathed reading and writing, but as I went on through my education I grew to love it. Elementary school was when my loathe for reading and writing began. I moved away from Texas to California in the second grade. Attending school for the first time in California
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It didn’t help that I was also participating in a new program for the school and only a small amount of people were joining. The 21st Century Program was supposed to introduce a technology based learning environment. I wasn’t sure if the program was going to help improve my literacy skills or make them worse, but I had to take the risk and find out the results. The first day of school always made me feel as if I had butterflies in my stomach, dying a little bit on the inside not knowing how my year was going to go. Entering English class, the sight of the teacher, a few students already in their seats, I sat in the desk nearest to the teacher, she seemed kind, sharing a big smile as more students arrived. I watched the entrance, where the remaining few students entered and were greeted by their friends like a mini reunion. The class was covered in aquatic animals, inspirational quotes, and a giant smart board that read “Welcome to English 9.” The bell rang, “Good morning students’ and welcome to English 9, for today’s assignment I would like for you guys to get in groups of four,” said the English Teacher. Everyone quickly scrambled to get in groups with their friends. The sight of a group of three girls made me feel welcome, I asked “Can I join your group?” The group of girls were welcoming, we each introduced ourselves. “Daisey, Fatima, Sarai, and another girl.” It was great that our entire class had the same schedule, I ended up sitting mainly with my friends Fatima and Sarai. Our assignment was to create a short powerpoint of each other including our goals and hobbies. Book reports and class discussions were coming up and I had no idea what book to read and to talk about, yet my friends were always there with suggestions. They had a passion for reading and writing, and they introduced me into

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