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Amy 's autobiography

The first memory I have of elementary is in the first grade. I had to take that grade twice because I struggled with grasping academic concepts due to starting as a younger first grader with a late July birthday. Many years after that class my mom told me that one of my teachers said, “I would never make it into college because I was too much of a social butterfly.” The next memory I remembered is in second grade. I fractured my ankle playing tag. None of my teachers believed that it was a serious injury, because I got hurt a lot when I was younger. Later that day when my mom picked me up she saw my ankle was swollen and she took me to the hospital and found that I had a fractured ankle and was in a cast for seven weeks.
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The school sounded loud because I felt lost it was hard to hear instructions with the crowds and lots of background noise. To get to school, my dad would drive me to school in a van. Occasionally he would drive me there in his Jaguar convertible. As my dad was driving the convertible, he would tease me and ask, “Should I honk my horn or should he wave at the people outside.” My mom would pick me up from school, but sometimes I did have to walk home depending on what my mom’s librarian job requires: whether it be a meeting or her having a Book Fair day. To a sixth, grader the school looked big, but now looking back at it, I see an average size school. The food was not the best but the cookies were the redeeming feature for me I rarely bought school food I liked. I strived to be the best student I could, however it was hard to do because I was really disorganized. My favorite teacher was an English co-teacher. She taught me how to organize my papers and put them into two-subject binder. With time and effort I became a better student. My organization skills were poor and was full of paper, which we not sorted by class in my backpack. I wish that I could thank her for helping me get my act …show more content…
Many years later, I saw my co-teacher at a teacher appreciation day at Barnes and Noble bookstore. We got talking and she told me that I became her success story to other students, and it was so nice to hear that. The English co-teacher was nice. She also was sweet. One day she gave me a ride home from school after I helped my English teacher that had a volunteer event. I did not like my math teacher because she called my parents because I forgot my book in my locker and I had to get it. For some reason, the people that I talked to did not like the math teacher for his or her own reasons. Another one of my teachers I did not like was my choir teacher. One year she said I was off pitch and told me to mouth the words for solo and ensemble, which are choir competitions. She also told me to do that at the last concert of the year. Seventh grade I started taking ADHD medication. I did well when I was put on it. My grades significantly improved from C’S to an A- B average. When I was in my junior year of high school I started to feel left out and that I did not belong with any group. I did not feel confident

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